I was envy the hanging baskets that are in my towns downtown area.  They are all different and gorgeous.  If I bought one of those from a store I am confident I would kill it in a week.  God gives and he takes – I can cook, but I can’t take care of plants to save my life.  I am not really good at math either šŸ˜€

10.10.17 007

It’s official – at 49 1/2 years old – I need . . . reading glasses.  I noticed in the last couple weeks I was having trouble seeing fine print, so I picked up a pair of glasses at my local thrift store for $1 to try them out.  And guess what?  Amazing!  I pretty much wore them all day and when I took them off, the font on my computer screen was blurry!

10.10.17 009

Another busy day – I finally reheated my breakfast hash around 10:30.  Meal #3 from the beef roast I grilled on Sunday.  Three ounces beef (3), 5 ounces of baked potato diced (4), egg whites (1) all scrambled together and topped with spicy salsa and hot sauce.

10.10.17 018

Thanks goodness for all that protein, because it kept me full for hours.  I worked straight through lunch and finally at 4:15 had 6 points worth of chips and salsa at my desk.

10.10.17 020

I worked until 6, which means I caught the 6:25 train which got me home at 7:45.  I had about 15 minutes to kill in the train station, and if you watched my Instastory last night, you’d see that there is a giant market in my train station – with just about anything you can imagine:  Chinese food, the best homemade potato chips, gelato, CHEESE, Indian food, crepes, pizza. . . oh my!  Because by now I was REALLY hungry and I was ready to just get anything and not care “because I had the points.”   Cooler heads prevailed, and I bought a cheese stick and cut cantaloupe for my train ride home.

It was perfect and held me until I got home to make . . . tacos!  Meal #4 with my $20 sirloin tip roast.  Because this beef is still pretty rare, I didn’t bother cooking it prior to making my tacos – it warmed enough in the cooking of the tacos – still so tender!  Three corn tortillas (4), 3 ounces of beef (3) 1/2 ounce of cheese (2), romaine, cilantro and spicy salsa.

10.10.17 023

Whenever I post my crunchy tacos, I know I’ll get at least half a dozen DM’s asking how I get crunchy tacos.  First, I use my cast iron skillet.  I don’t add any extra oil to the pan, but because I “store” my pan with vegetable oil so it doesn’t rust, there may be some residual oil in the pan.  I also microwave my corn tortillas for 30 seconds before filling so they don’t split.  And I use a shit ton of Pam.  Pretty sure that’s how Chef’s tell their staff how to cook “just use a shit ton of that.”

10.10.17 024

Taco Tuesday is probably my favortie night of the week after party pizza Friday.

10.10.17 026


10.10.17 002

A change is coming guys.  I’ve talked about Steve Weatherford on here before.  Former NFL player, father of almost 5 kids, and motivational speaker among other things.  I’ve been following him on Instagram for a while now, and I am always so impressed with how much he squeezes into each and every day.  He’s always got such a positive attitude and is grateful for all that he has.

This summer his family moved from New Jersey to California and for about four weeks he and his family ate out nearly every single meal.  Once they were unpacked and life had settled a bit, he went on what he calls a Metabolic Reset.  He ate his last In n Out burger, and got to business.  You can check out his YouTube page for more details.

Fast forward and now he’s offering the program for $29 dollars – the “lottery” was only open for an hour this past Saturday morning before the program was closed and I made it.  It starts on November 1 and I had to fill out a detailed questionnaire and as I write this, he and his team are custom planning a workout plan for me.  

I haven’t weighed into Weight Watchers for nearly three weeks.  I’ve eaten so much crap – cupcakes, cookies, chips – there is SO much junk food in my house right now.   While my WW meals are on fleek, it’s all the extra shit that is ending up in my mouth that has to stop.

But here is my declaration – it would totally be my inclination to just say “my new plan starts November 1!” and continue to eat like shit for the next two weeks.  But here is where I need to dig deep and refocus before the start of this next chapter.

I’ll still be counting points, but I may also do a calorie count as well – we will see when the time comes.  I have no excuses – no little kids, no husband who wants to watch four hours of t.v. at night – the only person I have to get on board is, well, ME!

All I know is that I think this will be the kick start of something great.  Now go make it a great day!