I forgot to bring my travel mug home from work the night before last, and I am out of my disposable ones, so I stopped by the coffee shop across the street from the train station and got a cup of coffee.  I can’t not have a cup of coffee on my hour train ride. 

Turns out I also thought buying a poppy seed muffin was a good idea too.  But I had self control!  I told myself I couldn’t eat any of it until I posted my blog post yesterday.  It probably sat in this bag for 25 minutes, and when I was finally ready to “reward” myself for my work, the bag was literally saturated with butter.  I already knew this muffin was going to be 18-24 points.  It only took about 30 seconds for me to change my mind and throw it out.  Not without licking it first though 😀

I saved myself 22 points, or nearly 2/3 of my daily point allotment.

I walked into the train station and picked up Pret’s steel cut oats (4), cut of an orange that was at my desk, and drizzled chocolate PB2 on top (1) and a tablespoon of granola (1).  If you haven’t tried citrus fruit in oatmeal, give it a try – so good.

I met my sister at our weekly Weight Watchers meeting.  We had someone in our meeting who normally doesn’t attend that one – her name was Deb and she started to say that she was struggling a bit, and that she found herself rewarding herself with food after a 30 mile bike ride.  She thought by attending a new meeting she thought she could get inspiration or motivation.  It wasn’t until she talked for a few minutes that she said “I want to preface that I’ve already lost 170 pounds”  What the what?  She’d already lost a WHOLE person and was struggling.  

After the meeting my sister was asking her if it was hard for her to even start given how much wieight she had to lose, and she said it was just as hard today (with 30 pounds to her goal of losing 20o pounds) as it was when she began.  Every day was a conscious choice to make better choices, and she realized she was going to have to basically start from scratch, track everything, etc. that gave her success to begin with.  If it isn’t broke, why fix it?

I hit up the salad bar for lunch.  If this didn’t cost me $8 I could eat this every day.  When I got back to work I made it into a chopped salad and 

When I got on the train I felt my blood sugar dropping, and sure enough, it was.  I had a banana in my lunch bag and that did the trick.

Even though I’ve dragged it back and forth for a couple days – tell me I am not the only one who repacks that same stuff in your lunch bag and never eat it day after day? 

I am still in my Chopped dinner mode and had an idea to make shrimp tacos with salsa.  A couple problems though – I thought I had dried ancho chiles in my pantry and corn tortillas – I could find neither.  I still wanted salsa though and decided to use canned tomatoes – why not?

1 can of diced tomatoes, 1 jalapeno (seeds removed if you don’t want it spicy), 2 cloves of garlic, juice of one lime, 1/2 cup cilantro (all I had on hand), salt and pepper.  All that went into my blender, then I cut corn off of one cob of corn and stirred that in the end.  So simple and delicious!  Although I could use about 2 more cups of cilantro in this – I puffy heart cilantro even though some people think it tastes like dish soap. 

I had rotisserie chicken, so I made a chicken and cheese quesadilla (6) with a quick slaw with cole slaw mix mixed with a tablespoon of Bolthouse salsa verde avocado dressing.   I had salsa for dipping, and fruit for dessert – delish!  I used 1 4 point Mission flour tortilla and used Pam to pan fry it – it got nice and crispy. 

My head cold is finally gone, and I have to get back to my gym routine.  It’s so easy to get off track and not going to the gym becomes your routine.  I kind of feel like a busted can of refrigerator biscuits.  I need to get back to journaling and just pick myself up, and dust myself off.

And try to not buy poppy seed muffins the size of my head.