Remember how I told you I was going to start my summer of Insanity?  Um, turns out I cannot find my Insanity DVD’s.  I’ve looked everywhere, and they are nowhere to be found.  Mind you, they were bootleg copies from my step-son and his wife, but I am bummed I can’t find them.  But thanks to Amazon Prime, I’ll have a new set in a couple days.

My summer of Insanity though reminded me again that it’s persistence and not perfection that will get you to your goal.  When you ditch the all or nothing mentality, it makes like so much more. . . livable!

6.5.17 008

I started work with a bang yesterday.  I always like to get to work early to have time to make my breakfast, eat it, drink coffee all before I have to clock in at 9:00.  It was 8:40 when I snapped this first shot of my breakfast when I heard my boss yell “Elizabeth!!!!!!”  Gah, I’ve told him a million times it’s Beth (or Biz even!) but he still calls me Elizabeth.  The crisis was handled and I just dove into the day.

This is an egg, baby potato lavash wrap for 5 points – 2 for the lavash, 2 for the potatoes (one which was purple!), lite TJ’s mozzarella (1) and fruit on the side.

6.5.17 011

Before I knew it, I looked up and it was time to meet my sister for a walk.   As we were passing Michigan Avenue, she said “isn’t the Nutella Cafe on Michigan?”  We were only a block away so went to check it out.  Um, the lines were around the corner and it was an hour wait.  But get this, you still had to wait in line whether or not you were going to grab and go or just sit down!  The woman at the front did tell us that in the morning when they open it’s not that crowded.  I will tell you that delicious bread was looking at me as if to say “don’t you want to bring me home?  Think of the awesome breakfast panini’s you could make with me?!”

6.5.17 017

6.5.17 021

Being on the 42nd floor, it’s the first time yesterday that I looked out our office windows and you saw nothing but white clouds.  Here are our walk pics of the day:

6.5.17 023

6.5.17 028

6.5.17 030

Got back to work and lunch was a snap to put together – leftover chipotle in a baked sweet potato!  I knew the only thing that counted on top of my baked potato was the 2 ounces of steak for 2 points.  I hadn’t looked up what the points were for sweet potato.  After that picture was taken, I took off all the toppings and then scooped out the sweet potato and had just over a cup of sweet potato which was 7 smart points!  I would have guessed three, but I guess the natural sugar bumped the points – although I looked up the calories and a cup of sweet potato is only 114 calories.  This was delicious though – the spicy dressing (1 tablespoon ff ranch mixed with my homemade tomatillo salsa) with the smoky steak and sweetness of the potato – delish.

6.5.17 033

6.5.17 035

I can’t remember if I told you or not, but Weight Watchers has a new program called WW Focus:

Break free of habits that hold you back 

Even with the best intentions, it’s easy to get stuck in old patterns.

WW Focus is a new workshop series by Weight Watchers that many are calling β€œthe missing piece”.

This solution-focused workshop series guides you through mindfulness, energy, and life coaching exercises to help you gain insights, inspiration, and tools to focus on your wellbeing.

I got a free pass to go because I am a WW Ambassador, but when I signed up, didn’t realize that June 7 was also a Wednesday, which one of the two nights I stay late as night secretary.   When I asked if it would be a big deal to not work that night, I switched and stayed late last night – something I hadn’t planned on doing.

When I work the full two hours after work, I have 30 minutes before my next train AND it’s a 75 minute train ride home – no express, it hits every.single.stop.  

I knew Popeyes had blackened chicken strips, but those are something that aren’t readily available.  I asked for a large green beans, thinking that would hold me until I got home, but they didn’t have those either.  So I got the three piece spicy chicken tenders.  While the WW app said 8 points, one was really big, so I called it 12 points just to be safe. 

When I got home I had a bowl of fruit for dessert and called it a day.  Still came in under my points for the day, I have no guilt about eating fast food, although I know I have to pound the water today – um, let’s just say those chicken fingers contain nearly 1400 mg of sodium!

6.5.17 056

I got my weekly fitbit stats: had I realized I was that close to 90,000 steps I would have walked to get there!  Not bad for having a desk job!

6.5.17 041

I am a bit behind in my 30 days of brave challenge!  I realized I wasn’t getting my daily emails and they were going to spam.  So let’s talk about today’s Brave Act:  I AM ENOUGH.  “Spend time listening to your thoughts of ‘not enough.’  These voices of ‘not enough’ are there because there’s something to be learned.  Today, write down all the ways you’ve been telling yourself you are not enough.  Thank those thoughts for helping you better understand yourself, and let them go as you say, “I AM ENOUGH!”

“You are enough, just as you are.  Each emotion you feel, everything you do in your life, everything you do or do not do. . . where you are and who you are right now is enough.  It is perfect.  You are perfect enough.” – Melanie Jade

Now go make it a great day!