Do you ever have those days where you feel . . . “smaller?”  I woke up like that yesterday.   Like most Weight Watchers on day of WI you try to wear the lightest outfit you own.  My new WW “uniform?”  Tights.  Well, I bought tights at Sam’s Club thinking they were leggings.  Rats.  So I cut off the feet and now I made tigths into leggings – they were so comfy!  They actually do look like leggings by the way – I bought the same for my sister, and she did the same thing, although her son was able to hem them for her to make them look a bit nicer.  Me?  I don’t care 😀

4.6.17 014

Our WW meeting has be on the “list” to getting the machines that print out your weigh ins – I was watching the receptionist write this down and it was all I could do to say “can I make that a bit neater?! Smile with tongue out

I do contribute some of that weight loss to water weight.  I kind of slid through the month of March – didn’t track that much, hence my monthly 1.8 pound gain.  I also didn’t drink enough water.  So April I kind of started over, tracked my points, drank tons of water, and carb cycled.

My goal for April was to lose 4 pounds on the low side to hit my –20 or 9 to hit my 25.  I love that I was able to meet that goal in the first week.

4.6.17 015

I’ll post my breakfast and lunch really quick, and then delve into this whole carb cycling via Weight Watchers program that I am doing.

Breakfast:  These were the steel cut oat waffles I made, but I have to say, these are best eaten the day of or possibly the next day.  These were really dry.  Breakfast came in at 8 points.

4.6.17 013

Lunch:  I still had leftover BBQ chicken from Blackwood BBQ from last week and made a low carb BBQ chicken wrap.  If you haven’t found the Ole brand wraps at Walmart, try to look for them this week.  Only 1 smart point for an 8 inch tortilla.   Lunch came in at 7 points.

4.6.17 021

I can’t show you what I had for dinner because the recipe I made is for my next blog post for The Chopping Block, and since they pay me for my posts, they get first dibs – I’ll link to it next week because it was a super quick and delicious dinner.

Back in the day when Jenn and I were doing WW, there was something called the “Wendy” plan.  I am sure I’ve talked about it at one point or another, but the basic premise is that you keep switching up your eats, all while still keeping on plan.  Some feel (including me) that if you eat exactly 30 points a day, eat the same foods, do the same workouts, your body gets used to it and stalls your weight loss.  

Since I take insulin every time I eat, I think I feel better when I eat lower carbs, even though I am a carb lover at heart – give me a heaping bowl of pasta and I am a happy lady!

If you read anything about carb cycling it basically says you can eat “until satisfied” as long as you stay under a certain amount of carbs.  Most carb cyclers eat around 50 grams of carbs a day and that’s just too low for me.  On my low carb days all my carbs are from fruit and vegetables, and I eat between 75-100 grams a day.

I get 30 points a day + 35 weeklies.  I’ve never eaten my activity points, mainly because my only form of exercise of late is walking.  I am averaging about 13,000 steps a day between my walk to work, walking at lunch and walking around my office.

I am combining my love of smart points with carb cycling, because for me, I’d keep eating if I was told I could eat “until satisfied.”  I like having the points to keep me in check.

So with 30 points a day + 35 weeklies, I get to “spend” 245 points a week.   Most lower carb days I only eat about 20 points because my fruit is free.  But my high carb days (2 per week) I might eat close to 40 points, but in the end, it all evens out, and I will have “spent” my 245 points in a week.

I am working on a quick eBook with recipes and meal ideas which I hope to have done in the next few weeks, in case anyone is interested in carb cycling on WW.  Thoughts?  Anyone interested in that?

As a WW Ambassador I sometimes get swag, and was thrilled when I got the mail last night.  It’s a journal!  I’ve talked about how journaling keeps me focused, and the second I stop, so does the scale.  These journals will be available to purchase at your local WW locations soon, if they are not available already.  If my local WW location has one, I’ll do a giveaway next week.

It comes with all these cool stickers, and lots of room to add your food, activities, thoughts, goals and keep track of points.  Love!  

4.6.17 035

So dream big; it’s progress, not perfection; keep on keeping on; you got this!; life is full of possibilities and say hello to a brand new day.  Happy Friday my friends!  If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section 😀