I had such a crazy day yesterday.  All was well to start.  I caught the early train so I could weigh in before work.  I was checking out Instagram on the train, listening to my music.  I have to say, taking the train is completely enjoyable to me, even if it is an hour commute one way.  But all of a sudden I realized we were going really slow, and we weren’t as far along as we should have been for that time in the morning.  I pulled my ear buds out to hear that the train in front of us hit a truck on the tracks, and trains will be stopped indefinitely in both directions.  Normally I would just be like “well, it’s not me that’s on the tracks, I guess I can hang out in a warm train for a couple more hours.”  But I had a busy day.  My boss had a closing at 1:00 and I knew it was going to be crazy, so when the conductor said “it’s your last chance to get off the train and make alternate arrangements” I got off. 

I had no idea how I was going to get to work.  I was still a good 20 miles from the city.  Hannah and Jacob were working.  I didn’t even have an Uber app downloaded on my phone!  But then I saw a cab.  And I saw some guy who looked the same as me, and I said “do you want to split a cab downtown?”  Yep!  We didn’t talk at all on the cab ride, which was fine.  He had his headphones on, I had mine, but the cab ride, because it was rush hour traffic, took nearly an hour and twenty minutes, so my share of the cab was $40. 

I walked into my building, got to my desk and at 9:15 hit the ground running getting documents together and only had time to cut up a pear for my breakfast.

1.26.17 021

I was getting nervous because my WW meeting starts at 12:30, and I didn’t finish my work until 12:40, so I jumped in another cab (this time only $4!) and was able to meet up with my sister the last half of the meeting.  Oh, and to WI and lose 3.6 last week, which earned me my 5% weight loss charm!

1.26.17 022

1.26.17 053

1.26.17 055

I keep waiting for the plateau to kick in, but so far it hasn’t.  I thought I might have lost 2 pounds, but 3.6?!  The only thing I did different, was because I am still not working out because of my cough, made one day of food lower carb and the next day higher carb, but still within the healthy range of 27-36 points per day.  I will say I didn’t use all my weeklies last week, which I normally do, but on average I was at about 29 points per day.  I also drank A LOT of tea.  One of my co-workers at the Chopping Block swears by this lemon fresh ginger tea, and she got me hooked on it.  So I am sure some of that weight loss was water weight, but I’ll take it!

I ran back to my office in time to reheat my Blaze pizza from the day before.  Um, let’s just say that it would have been nice to have a toaster oven to reheat it and a microwave just wasn’t the best choice, but I was glued to my desk the whole afternoon so I didn’t really have a choice.  Since my breakfast was zero, after lunch I was only at 10 smart points.

1.26.17 023

We normally have night staff that continues working so the firm doesn’t have twenty secretaries all working overtime.  I guess whoever was scheduled, wasn’t in, and after the fourth plea from the office manager to see if someone could stay late, I finally responded, thinking full well that by the time I did someone would have volunteered, but that would be a no.  So I worked until 7:00.  By now, I was hungry, I had only eaten 10 points and decided to hit up my favorite popcorn for 8 smart points.

1.26.17 028

That hit the spot!  It wasn’t until I was coming home that I realized only four hours after the inbound train hit someone, the outbound train did too Sad smile

1.26.17 025

By the time I made it home, I was tired.  This is what my train car looks like when it finally gets to my stop!

1.26.17 032

Hannah and Jacob were out, and since we are doing our own meals, I just quickly pulled together shrimp tacos with leftover cooked shrimp.  I could not take a decent picture to save my life!

1.26.17 037

But they were tasty, and 8 smart points for both since I used a full ounce of Cabot Alpine Lace Cheese.  Yum!  I got the best mail two nights ago – check it out!

1.26.17 004

So much cheese loot!  I’ve got a cauliflower stuffed shell recipe that I’ve been meaning to make – definitely using the White Oak Cheddar on that.  My friend Nicole has made Everything Chicken, and wouldn’t the Everything Cheese stuffed inside just be the cherry on top?

And then my dear friends at Weight Watchers sent me this loot!

1.26.17 010

Oprah’s new cookbook, a cute bag and a wooden spoon to get Bizzy in My Kitchen!   I actually feel like I can wear the badge of Weight Watcher Ambassador because I am actually following the plan!  Can’t wait to dive into the cookbook.

And at long last . . .when I posted this photo on Instagram when my Mom was over on Sunday, I’ve had dozens of request for the recipe, so here it is finally.  And Melly – thanks for being patient! Open-mouthed smile and following along on my life journey.  I am way behind in my blog reading AND responding to comments here, but hope to catch up on Friday night in my pajamas.

This recipe served two – although my Mom and I each ate about half of our food it was so filling, so in the recipe below, I made it four servings.

1.22.17 102

My Mom gave this two big thumbs up.  The plate above was half of a serving and was plenty.

Alright, time to get my show on the road – Happy Friyay!