After having a big dinner on Thursday night, even though I normally try to eat a big breakfast on my market days, I just wasn’t hungry at all.  I haven’t made one of my one point fruit sauce to make a 6 point parfait.  On top was butterscotch granola that I bought from the farmers market – so good!

8.18.16a 001

1 cup Chobani (3) 1 cup of my fruit sauce (1) and 1/2 ounce of granola (2).   Guess who else loves Chobani?!  The dogs – especially Roman.

8.18.16a 009

I packed my lunch and was out the door to get to work.  I was three miles from my work when I got into a fender bender.  Totally my fault.  I was merging to exit, while another car was merging onto the expressway.  But the traffic stopped dead in front of me and I hit the guy in front of me.  The damage was minor.  I wasn’t frazzled at all, but by the time I got out of my car to see if the guy in front of me was okay, he already had 911 on the phone.  I realized he had Onstar and it called for him.  He said he felt dizzy and that he was about to faint.  He asked if I had any water, so I got in my lunch bag and gave him a bottle of my water.  When I told the dispatcher that he said he felt dizzy, they went ahead and called an ambulance. 

8.18.16a 015

8.18.16a 014

Most of the damage was to my car because he had a Yukon Danali, and he only got a few scratches on the right side of his bumper.  Once he was cleared by paramedics, the state police took us off the expressway to a safer place to finish the report.  I got out of my car and went over to ask this man if he needed anymore water, and that’s when the officer in the car using her loud speaker said “Ma’am, get back in your car!”  When she brought me my paperwork I told her I was just asking if he wanted any water, and she said that she’s seen it too many times where people get into fights over accidents, so she wanted to be safe than sorry.

I texted my boss and told him I was running late.  It’s lucky that our market starts at 4, because even with my delay, we still got to the market 30 minutes early.  Whew.  But because I was late, I didn’t have time to check all of our stuff, just had to pack and go.  I kept running through my head the checklist, and it didn’t dawn on me until we got to the market that I forgot a bank.   Luckily I have my own square, and there was a Chase bank across the street, so I just got my own bank and all was good.  Surprisingly though, when I got to the shop, my boss handed me a card.  I was thinking “did he already buy me a card because I got in a car accident on the way to work?”  I opened it when I got to the market – it was a nice card, thanking me for all my hard work.  Nice!

8.18.16a 017

We got new signage too, which was very helpful.  Especially when I have a lot of customers, the ones waiting I direct to the board to review and ask any questions when it’s their turn.

8.18.16a 021

I brought a sriracha turkey sandwich on a low carb wrap.  I didn’t know Dietz & Watson even made that, but it was delicious – especially with the addition of our signature mild roasted red pepper coulis.

8.18.16a 019

I was wondering on my drive home what I was going to fix for dinner.  I realized that I still had leftover stuffed shells and thought of heating those up.  But my daughter, also in tune with the waste less food, cleaned out my fridge yesterday afternoon and found ground beef that needed to be used up, so she made taco dip for dinner.  And when I got home, I was presented with this:

8.18.16a 032

Thank you Hannah!  She had a rough day too – her school stuff was all messed up – basically they said she was missing one form which held up financial aid and told her that she was a “delinquent student.”  After spending nearly two hours at the school, it doesn’t look like that last piece of paper will be approved in time for her to start classes this semester, which will put her a semester behind.  She’s always told me that the staff at her school were very rude, unhelpful, etc.  So much so that she almost stood up and ripped the piece of paper that was lacking right in front of the financial aid person and walk out altogether.  I have no idea where she gets that from?! 

Thankfully Jacob was there to bring her off the edge.  I told her it isn’t a big deal, and then started to sing her one of my favorite Peter Gabriel songs – Don’t Give Up!  That made her laugh and all is well.

I am going to Chicago to have lunch with my sister today – Revival Food Hall opened this week, and we are dying to try it out.

Happy Friyay!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and remember what’s most important in life:  family, friends and health!  Everything else is just icing on the cake. Open-mouthed smile