Scroll down to find the recipe for my Pineapple Garlic Sriracha BBQ Sauce, so good!

Yesterday was my weekly WI and I was happy to see a loss of 1.2!  Two weeks in a row, or 2.2 pounds – and I hope to continue the streak next week.  Can a sista just get to the first five pounds so I can get a sticker at the meeting?! Open-mouthed smile


I normally do a show and tell of my breakfast at the meeting, but for the second week in a row I slept in a bit so didn’t eat breakfast until after my meeting.  I had a couple errands to run after the meeting, so I didn’t end up eating breakfast until nearly 10:45.  Beef is always a good idea for breakfast.  I used my Hardcore Carnivore black rub, and cooked this thick steak for 3 minutes a side for medium rare.  Then sliced 4 ounces for my breakfast (4) drizzled it with my tomatillo salsa, had 3 ounces of hash browns on the side (4) with strawberries and blueberries.  A very filling 8 point breakfast.


Both Hannah and Jacob had to work, and it was nice to have the house to myself and jam the music I wanted to listen to.  I scored on the $1 rack with three packages of tomatoes for $3.


I made pasta sauce for my friend Whitney, the one who decorated my house, to drop off to her and her family for dinner and catch up a bit.   It made enough not only for her family for dinner, but I’ll have sauce to use for myself this week, and freeze for another time.

I had beef short ribs on my menu to grill out, and needed to make a BBQ sauce to go with them.  I love the process of recipe developing, because while I have an idea of how I want a recipe to be, 9/10 it turns out to be completely different after tasting and making adjustments.  The base of my BBQ sauce was a 6 ounce can of pineapple juice I found in the pantry.  I have no idea why I bought it, probably for some other recipe I never got around to making.  I knew I would add sriracha for heat, but then I thought I would add the Hardcore Carnivore spice INTO my BBQ sauce, and well – I made the best BBQ sauce of my life.




Guys.  I need to bottle this stuff and sell it, it is so good!  I normally am not a sweet BBQ person, but the combination of flavors is so complex, that it works.  You get the sweet from the pineapple juice and brown sugar, the tang of the lemon juice, the spice from the sriracha and crushed red pepper and the punch of extra seasoning from the dry rub.   I had some pork rib tips I bought that I either needed to cook up or freeze, and decided to cook them up for lunch.


I salt and peppered the rib tips and seared them in a bit of coconut oil for 3-4 minutes per side.  Then added the BBQ sauce and baked at 225 degrees for one hour.   If you’ve never cooked with rib tips before, they are a super economical cut of the ribs – either beef or pork.  It’s usually what’s cut off to make the spare ribs or baby back ribs look pretty, but they are just as flavorful.  I bought my pork rib tips for just $2.99 a pound.  I trimmed a bit of fat off of them, but otherwise left them as is.  After an hour, because they weren’t that big, the bone just fell off from the pork and I was left with tender juicy deliciousness.  I wasn’t all that hungry for lunch, but managed to eat three of these standing up over my counter in my kitchen – so good!


Before I knew it, it was time to head to my friends house.  She has the best dog – Winston.  He’s huge, yet so friendly.  He moves a lot, so this was the best pic I could get, and I promise I am petting the dog, not choking him!


It was great to catch up Whit!  Then my other friends Alison and Cameron’s house is on the way home, so I stopped by to say hello to them as well, and ended up staying long enough to help put the kids to bed – they are so cute!  They also have chickens now, so I am excited to use fresh eggs this morning for breakfast – thanks for letting me crash your house unannounced, and I promise I’ll bring food to you next time!

So my grilling didn’t work out to plan since I didn’t get home until well after dark.  Turns out I almost always have pizza dough in the fridge (shocker!) and I had Dietz & Watson stick pepperoni, so pizza it was.  3 ounces of dough (8) 1 ounce sliced pepperoni (4) and 1 ounce part skim mozzarella cheese (2).


Today is going to be a great farmers market day – sunny skies and high of 84 today.  Let’s see if I can break my sales record from last week.

I’ll leave you with this – I saw it at the store on the discount rack and have never seen or heard of this before.  Thoughts?!


Make it a great day!

p.s.  if you love bbq sauce, check out my steakhouse BBQ sauce!