Another gorgeous summer day in the books for Chicago yesterday.  Even though I knew it was my long work day, I knew I I had to get out and get some steps in, even before breakfast.




My twin sister and I LOVE clouds and for us, you can’t have too many pictures of them!  Tony used to roll his eyes every time I took another picture of clouds Open-mouthed smile

I ended up eating breakfast around 10:30 to stagger my eats for the day.  I had leftover steak, so beef toast was born!  It’s a new food trend I am trying to start, since avocado toast is such a thing now.


Four ounce sourdough roll toast (4) three ounces of leftover steak (3) an egg white spinach scramble on one half (1) and avocado on the other half (2).  This 10 point breakfast kept me full for HOURS.  Even with loading up my car by myself for the market and unpacking.  I ended up eating my 6 point sandwich and watermelon around 6:00.  I never got a chance to eat my hard boiled egg snack, or granola I had packed.   Because the market was so busy, the time flew by, and I ended up getting home around 9:30.  Since I haven’t grocery shopped this week since I am leaving, I don’t have much to choose from, and decided to reheat 9 points of pizza with some fruit on the side.  I was pissed because the raspberries got pushed to the back and I had to pick through the ones that were good.  Hate when that happens!


So a couple days ago Weight Watchers asked if they could repost one of my recipes – my 1 point fruit sauce for parfaits.   Of course I said yes!  But I’ve been asked by lots of other people to reuse my photos (Latinicity, Stubbs BBQ Sauce, etc.) but I never know when they will use it.  I t could be within five minutes, or a couple months!  So because I drive a lot for yesterday’s market, and am busy with customers and only use my phone to take credit card purchases, I didn’t realize that WW had published my photo.  Imagine my surprise when I got in my car and saw that I had over 550+ new followers!


Is that crazy or what?  I’ve had so many nice comments, love your page, love your recipes, etc.  I did get a comment though that said “just wondering if you’ve been doing WW exclusively since January and was wondering if the weight loss is that slow?  I am new to the program and was just wondering.”

Well, most long time readers know I struggle with night time eating/wine, etc.  I explained to her that I am working on the binge night time eating, a problem that comes and goes for as long as I can remember and that if I wasn’t on WW, I’d probably have gained 50 pounds since January.  I told her I am still also struggling with grief after Tony died, and figuring out where my life is going without him, something I thought I’d never had to do.  Her response was sweet: “I understand and have issues with night eating too.  Sorry about the loss of your dear husband.  It’s so good you’re trying and fighting to try to stay healthy.  Congrats on that.  Thank you for answering my question – take care!”

Isn’t the internet a crazy place – where a complete stranger can sympathize and acknowledge your efforts, no matter how small.

Then I found out that my friend Scott reposted my brined and grilled shrimp on his new Instagram page:

IMG_4791 Then my other grill friend reposted my beef toast breakfast!

IMG_4794 (2)

So yesterday morning I had 3561 followers on Instragram – this morning?  4122!  Wowza!


So maybe having more WW followers looking at me for guidance will help me control the night time eating.   I guess we’ll see!

I had to share this photo below – my sister Jennifer went to a book signing on her lunch our yesterday with Rick Bayless.  I love when I went on Facebook it wanted to know if I wanted to tag myself!


She happened to run into a woman in line and struck up a conversation with her.  Turns out this woman works in some capacity in the Chicago food industry – not exactly sure because I didn’t talk to my sister much yesterday other than she mentioned that she was going to give this woman my information for us to possible meet and discuss my career options.  The woman told her “I think we were meant to meet today!”


So my heart is full today!  Looking forward to my long weekend with my Mom and family this weekend.  I probably won’t be posting again until next Wednesday, but I may have a couple guest posts up my sleeve until I get back.

As always, thanks for taking time out of your day to follow my journey – I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know.  Make it a great day!