So yesterday you remember how I told you that MY scale showed a 4.6 gain for one week.  In my head, I knew that wasn’t possible, but it really messed with my brain.  I kept going over my online journal, knowing that I couldn’t have possibly eaten 15,000 extra calories without realizing it, unless I was a sleep eater and didn’t know it!  I seriously was totally on the fence about going to the meeting at all.  In my head I was like “what’s the point!”  I knew I could just show up, not actually weigh in and enjoy the meeting (I really love the leader!) but finally decided to go, weigh in, and just live with whatever the number was on the scale.  I always eat my breakfast after the WI, so I quickly put together a 7 point breakfast – 2 breakfast tacos and some watermelon.  I actually put the tacos in my skillet with Pam, then went to put my contacts on, and almost burned them!  Still tasted good though Open-mouthed smile



Guess what?  I was down .4 – three weeks in a row with a loss, and no matter how small, I will take it.   When I got back home I went on a long walk – an hour and fifteen minutes!  It was glorious.  I listened to another Beautiful Anonymous podcast, and it’s amazing how quickly the walk went by.   Yesterday was PERFECT weather.  72 degrees, no humidity.  I wish every day could be like yesterday.

PicMonkey Collage - walk

The company I work for this summer not only makes delicious vegan burgers, but they are known for their soups as well.  On Sunday I asked if I could bring one home, and I picked out the yellow split pea with tofu sausage.  It’s got a spicy kick with chipotle and jalapeno.  I just added a dash of parsley to mine and a pinch of chili powder.  This 2 cup serving came in at 9 smart points, or 338 calories.  I put the following picture on Instagram and someone asked where they could order online – whoop!  Turns out social media isn’t the owners strong suit – I has no posts up on his Instagram account, yet he has followers!


Lately both dogs have been running away through our back woods to the property behind our house.  Rummy always comes back, but Roman I think gets lost and he’s been found across the street.  And they don’t listen to me, which doesn’t help.  Since Hannah and Jacob were both working, I brought my office to the side deck of my house.  I put a baby gate up by the top of the stairs, and it was like a giant baby pen for them.  They could wonder around the deck while I got some work done.  I ended up bringing out a blanket for them to lay on – only Roman took me up on that offer.


So I think I’ve told you about the Food Blogger Pro that I signed up for through Pinch of Yum.  They have dozens of videos showing how you can get more traffic for your site and in turn, make more money.  Because I’ve been doing it all wrong these last nearly 8 years, it’s been a painstaking process, but I am getting there.   One thing I learned is Link in Profile.   My Instagram following is slowly increasing, and I am up to 3500 followers.  The only thing that I hated about Instagram is the links.  Say I post a picture of a pasta dish.  I could change my website address to link that exact picture to have people follow to my site to get the recipe.  I’d point them to the top and say “recipe link in profile.”  But let’s say the next day I want to post a french toast picture, well, if I change that website address to link to the french toast recipe, now people how see the pasta dish would now click on a link that takes them to the french toast picture.

I hope this is making sense!  I went to see if Ashley, Ally and Liz knew about this, but it looks like they don’t.  Here is the one caveat though.  You need to put your URL in the body of your post for this to work after you sign up.


So now instead of seeing this website on my profile: – it’s embedded in the body of my post.  My new website is this:


I’ve probably only embedded about 20 URL’s so far – but if you are on Instagram, click on that link above in my profile and it will take you to this:


You can then scroll down and see all of my photos, and if you see one you like, just click on it and it will direct you to the exact post the recipe is published on.   If anyone has any questions, please let me know.  I was pretty impressed with myself that I actually figured out how to do it.  The whole point of Instagram is to redirect traffic to your blog where you can actually earn revenue from.  I am a ways away from getting there, but each day I get a bit closer.


Hannah and Jacob had dinner together since it was their anniversary of their first date.  (I think 7 years ago?!).  So it was dinner for one last night.  I ended up using that Hardcore Carnivore seasoning again on a 6 ounce steak.  I only ate half of the steak (saving the rest for breakfast this morning) and added 2 ounces of frozen French fries on top, and to make my Mom happy I had steamed broccoli and red peppers on the side.


So good!  I am pretty sure I could eat beef every day and never get sick of it.  I need to find a job as a Beef Ambassador!   How awesome would that be?!

It’s my only work day today, but it’s a night market so I got to sleep in a bit this morning.  I leave at noon and will be back home by 9:30 – then it’s time to pack and get ready for my family reunion!  Can’t wait!  It’s another gorgeous day today, so I hope to sell a lot of veggie burgers.  I’d love to do a wrap station, but not sure he’d let me being that I am by myself, but we’ll see.  

I ended up with nearly 13k steps yesterday too – whoop! 

Guess what Errign and Robin Sue?  It was a year ago today that we had lunch!  Can you believe it’s been that long already – Errign was still pregnant with her son, and now he’s 7 months old.  So happy we had a chance to meet up!


Alright, time to do some laundry and make breakfast – make it a great day!