I had an unintentional rest day yesterday.  I had plans on a long walk, and a long workout at the gym yesterday, but my blood sugar was not cooperating.  I gave myself the normal amount of insulin for breakfast, maybe even a little less than I would have because I knew I wanted to walk.  Breakfast was an egg, egg white scramble, with turkey bacon, 3 ounces of potatoes and fruit for 8 smart points.


After some computer work, I went to get my walking shoes, and all of a sudden felt like my blood sugar was low.  That’s weird.  Sure enough, it was only 59.  What the what?  I drank a glass of orange juice, but that only brought it up to 75, so I ditched my morning walk.

On Saturday our tent happened to be next to a lady that sold all different kinds of tofu.  As we were packing up, she handed me and Kacie some samples and as soon as I tasted the spicy extra firm tofu, I was sold.  I bought a container at a vendor discount for $5.  It’s marinated in soy sauce, black bean sauce, and hot Thai chili.


I ended up making a noodle stir fry with the tofu.  One cup of cooked pasta with mushrooms, carrots, fresh peas and spinach.  I drizzled about a teaspoon of the marinating oil for the sauce, and this was so spicy and delicious – and came in at 10 points.  I decided not to take any insulin with lunch so that I’d have enough fuel to work out yesterday afternoon.  I tested my blood sugar after lunch and it was only 125.  I need it to be around 225 because it will drop 100 or so during a long workout.  Damn.  

So I meal planned and went grocery shopping.  It was the perfect temperature day yesterday!


I decided I needed to grill.  The kidults already started summer school, so they didn’t get home until nearly 8:30.  So I cooked up dinner so they could just reheat it when they got home.  I think I’ve told you that Hannah will eat smoked sausage, but I really have to grill it to death – even after I took this picture, it stayed on the grill above the hot coals for another five minutes.


I also grilled potatoes.  I always cook the potatoes first in the microwave.  Once cool, I cut in half, toss with a bit of grapeseed oil, salt and pepper, and get a nice crust on the grill.


And for myself and Jacob, I made grilled bone in chicken.  So simple – just a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper – that’s it!  I cooked them on indirect heat for about 20 minutes, then finished them off closer to the hot coals.


I served it with a bit of Stubb’s BBQ sauce on the side and dipped my chicken in that.  I don’t eat the skin, but always cook with the skin on – you’ll have tender and juicy chicken every time.

It’s Tuesday, so it’s my WW WI day.  After that I have to get my oil changed – with all the driving I’ve been doing, I thought it would be a good idea that the car is in great working condition.  I plan to walk around the dealership while the car is getting serviced, and hope that my blood sugar cooperates so that I can hit the gym this afternoon.

Hope you have a great day!