On Monday night I asked Hannah to defrost a bag of leftover chopped pork shoulder that I had done in the crock pot over the weekend to make pork BBQ sandwiches for dinner.  When I got home I realized she defrosted both bags, so I need to use up the defrosted pork before it goes bad.  Monday night we had these – Stubbs Spicy BBQ sauce pork sandwiches with carrots and sweet potato fries – this whole plate came in at 4017 oops – that would be 417 calories and 28 grams of protein.

Bulls 033

While I usually thing that habenero peppers are just too spicy, because it’s so far down on the ingredient list and it has a vinegary note, this is pure flavorful spicy bbq sauce – I can now find Stubbs in a few of my local grocery stores.


So what to do with more leftover pork?  I know, make pork and potato breakfast pancakes!  When I told Jacob I was making these, he had chocolate chip pancakes in his head with the addition of pork.  No, that would be just gross.  When I showed him the final potato pancakes, he said “I’d eat that!”

I ended up topping mine with scrambled egg whites, baby spinach and Cabot extra sharp cheddar cheese.  And Tapatio hot sauce. Duh.

Bulls 083

I ended up walking outside at lunch yesterday.  I told myself if the weather is around 30 degrees and not too windy, I’d get some fresh air at lunch.  It felt good!  Jacob got me some really good headphones for Christmas too – love the sound and that they keep my ears warm.

Bulls 093

So over the weekend I made Hannah and Jacob French onion soup.  I know, I think most of you have your mouth agape thinking “Biz made something with so many onions?!”  Yep.  That would be FOUR different kinds of onions!

1.3.15 002

1.3.15 016

I put that on Instagram and a few of you asked for the recipe, so this is the one I followed.   Their only slight complaint was that the broth was on the sweet side – and that may have been because I chose two sweet onions (Spanish and Vadalia) and one white onion and shallots.  So next time I make this, I think I’ll use all white onion.  They liked it though!  Me?  I made tomato soup!  I used the leftover soup, tossed in 1.5 ounces of cooked elbow macaroni and had an American cheese and spinach panini on the side.  The bread I used for the panini is so good – it’s Walmart’s everything sliced bread – each slice is 1/2 an ounce and you get all the flavors of an everything bagel for way less calories – win!

Bulls 098


So I’ve lived in the Chicagoland area my whole life, but I’ve never been to a Bulls basketball game.  Truth be told, baseball would be my sport to watch – Tony and I never really watched a whole lot of basketball.  But my Dad was a huge fan during the Michael Jordan era, so I know the game.  My friend (the one who decorated my house!) invited me to a game with her family and I didn’t think twice to say yes.  But I have to tell you – because I live so far NW of the city, going to a game on a work night I probably would have passed – but 2016 is the year of me – saying no to the things I don’t want to do, and saying yes to the things I want to do!

PicMonkey Collage - BULLS

The seats were amazing.  Three rows up from the floor.  Lower left hand corner of that Picmonkey collage?  That would be Jesse Jackson!  We got there 90 minutes before the game started, beat the crowds and it was just such a fun and energetic atmosphere.   Derek Rose also played last night, having been sidelined the last three games with injuries.  And no. 21?  That’s Jimmy Butler – he’s 26 years old and just signed a $95 million dollar 5-year contract.   It’s insane that someone who can dribble a ball and toss it into a hoop can make that kind of money!   But he’s an amazing player, so I guess he’s worth it!

I ended up getting a pork bbq sandwich with sweet potato fries.  It was just okay – the sauce was really sweet and the bun was rediciously big.  I took the top bun off completely and ate the bottom half and about half the fries.  I tried to pay for it, but my friend was too quick – that sandwich with one bottle of water?  $17!  I could have used some Stubbs Spicy sauce on this!

Bulls 117

And good thing I gave up booze for January!  Craft beers (aka Sam’s Adams and not watery Miller Lite) would have run me $9.50 a glass, and a small pour of red wine was $10! 

My step-son and I are still going strong on the no alcohol.  We’ve also been texting back and forth with our workouts and encouraging each other – love it!  I also read an interesting article on Chicago Tribune over the weekend – who knows how long I’ll go without my wine?!

Alright, I have to do a coffee creamer run for work on my way in, and I haven’t put my food together yet.  Make it a great day!