I realized I totally forgot to show you all the loot from Cabot Cheese and King Arthur Flour in yesterday’s post!

10.14.15 035

Veronica – that Sift magazine is glorious – as soon as I am done with it I’ll have to get your address and send it to you – you bake more than anyone else I know and I know how much you love King Arthur products.


Earlier this week I had on my breakfast menu sweet potato pancakes, but for the life of me I could not find the sweet potato that I bought.  I even checked my grocery receipt, and sure enough, I bought one.  Then last night as I was pulling veggies out for dinner, realized it was in a veggie bag that was in the fridge.  Doh.

Since I was just making two pancakes for my breakfast, this is all I used:

 They were crispy on the outside, yet kind of tender and creamy on the inside if that makes sense.  Although after I took this picture, I needed a bit more contrast to the sweetness of the sweet potato, and scooped over some of my salsa verde over the top and that was the perfect sweet/heat balance I needed.

10.15.15 001

It was kind of cloudy and looked like rain when it was time to go for my walk.  I got a new fall coat at Goodwill last week – it looks brand new.  It has a hood and it’s got a removable fleece lining – only $4.99!  I brought it with just in case, and it started drizzling about 5 minutes away from my office, but I decided I wouldn’t melt, and a couple minutes later it stopped.  Kym, you know I had to add some fall colors for you!  The geese didn’t really give a shit about me walking down the street – didn’t even pick up their pace.

PicMonkey Collage - walk

Lunch was basically the night before lasts chicken carnita salad turned into chicken and veggie lettuce wraps.  Although logistically after one bite of trying to eat these wraps like a taco, proved very difficult and the whole thing basically fell out of my mouth back onto the plate.  Klassy.  So I ended up chopping it up into a salad.  And this jalapeno wasn’t hot at all – I ended up cutting up a whole on and throwing it on top.

10.15.15 029

It’s awesome that when I said I was doing Whole 30 I’ve had people email me links, text me recipes, instant message on Facebook.  Love.  Julianne sent me a link for the cauliflower fried rice and it was too funny because when I saw the message when I woke up this morning I told her that it was actually on my menu for dinner that night!  And I saw that my friend Helen had posted the Buzzfeed video on Facebook the other day too.

Let me just tell you when I suggested that I was making cauliflower fried rice for all of us, I think Hannah and Jacob were reaching for their phones to order Domino’s.  I assured them that I would make them regular rice, and I did.  I used this recipe for the “soy sauce” and while it was flavorful, obviously didn’t have the punch that soy sauce has.  And I missed my beloved sriracha.  The second ingredient in sriracha?  SUGAR!

10.15.15 041

The verdict? It was just okay.  I couldn’t think of any other seasoning that I could put on it that was Whole 30 friendly.  Every bottled sauce I had, had sugar in it.  And I think it was a texture thing too.  Maybe I pulsed the cauliflower too much?  I don’t know – but I know I won’t be making that again.  Unless I can add udon noodles or rice to it. Open-mouthed smile

So I thought I’d put together a quick “before” video of the progress of the house so you will get a chance to see the difference between where I am and hopefully where I will be in a couple weeks.  All I know is I am ready to get this half of the house done so we can actually use it.  I am sure I’ve said that sentence in at least a dozen previous blog posts, but it’s still true today.  You can check out the video here.

I am having dinner out with my Momma tonight!  I had to squeeze in time with her somehow because the next couple weekends are super busy for her and then she heads to Austin to visit my brother.  Otherwise I wouldn’t see her probably until November!  This will be a test.  We are going to a place that not only is known for their wine, but they have amazing flatbreads on their appetizer menu, not that I would know anything about wine or flatbread pizza.

But I have a plan.  Since I won’t be spending any money on my wine (sad face) I’ll be able to splurge on my beef – I plan on subbing out the Parmesan fries (weep!) for a plain baked potato, and having my beef with seasonal veggies and sautéed mushrooms.   And I can watch my Mom enjoy a glass of wine.  You know, because I am her favorite child and all, I just want my Momma to be happy.

So we now have made it all the way to Day 5 of Whole 30 and so far so good.  They said not to weigh yourself before or take any before pictures, but I have my WI from a week and a half before and a before picture from a couple weeks before I started, so we’ll see what the comparison is at the end of 30 days.  I also can’t weigh myself at all these 30 days which will be hard for me, but that’s part of the whole process of this Whole 30 – to get your mind off of the number on the scale and just eat real food.  (but I do miss my hazelnut coffee creamer – sorry Jody!)

Have a great weekend – my floors are starting to get installed on MONDAY!  Eek!