The summer before my twin sister and I started our freshman year of high school of high school, there was a list of fall sports that you could try out for.  My grandma on my Dad’s side was living with us at the time.  She got the list and decided that I should try out for the swim team.  I told her I couldn’t swim.  She literally called the school, asked for the swim coach and asked “can my granddaughter try out for the swim team if she can’t swim?”  Um, the answer to that was no.  So I quickly skimmed the list and chose field hockey.  I had no idea what it was, but if it got me out of trying out for the swim team in a life jacket, I was all for it.

Turns out that was a good decision.  Not only did I become great friends with most of these ladies, I got an athletic scholarship to Southern Illinois to play in college.  Sadly, they dropped the hockey program after my freshman year and after that I decided to “take a year off from college” and well, I only ended up going to college my freshman year.

I met up with four of my hockey friends who still live in the area on Saturday morning to watch to Varsity field hockey game.  Not gonna lie, but I think we talked more than we watched the game, but it was such a gorgeous day and great to catch up.  I threw this idea out to meet up a few weeks ago, and it reminded me that you can’t wait for stuff to happen, you have to make it happen!

PicMonkey Collage - hockey

My friend Kelly on the far right?  Still a total baller athlete – that morning before we met up she ran 16 miles!  If I ran 16 miles I’d be laying in bed recovering all day!  Jacky is to the right of me, then Cindy, Jennifer and Kelly.   Jacky and I then met up another hockey friend for lunch at Fat Duck Tavern.  Um, these pictures do not do the food any justice – it was delicious!  I ended up getting a Reuben and it was delicious.  Megan got the duck fat fries that came with three dipping sauces – one of which was a cilantro aioli that either Jacky and I will try to recreate at home – I could have done shots of that stuff! 

It was so good catching up with both of them!  I had plans to then go to a softball game that was honoring a couple that was instrumental in starting girls softball in our hometown.  I give you Biz and Jenn of 1979!

9.26WE 026

Jennifer is the third from the left and I am at the far right on the first row.  I remember having the hardest time playing softball while wearing those glasses when I got all sweaty!  And I also thought that my multi-colored stretch belt was the bomb.  But I ended up being able to hang out with my sister last minute, so I never made it to the game.  But I did get to see my niece and nephew which I don’t think I’ve seen since December!

I drove home, but my day wasn’t done yet.  My friend had a get together at her house – she is the best hostess!  She also is an amazing decorator – her porch is so inviting!

PicMonkey Collage - kim

Good times, good food and great conversation.  So happy that I got to catch up with everyone there.

Sunday morning I dragged Hannah and Jacob back to the OP area and we went to my Mom’s church.  I think the only reason Jacob agreed to go was because there was a promise of fried chicken for lunch.  He was raised Catholic and this was his first time at a Methodist church.  He was shocked at how informal it was!  They have a new minister and he’s very engaging, which is nice. 

I no longer get physical newspapers anymore, but I subscribe to Chicago Tribune online.  I almost always scroll down to the food section – duh. Open-mouthed smile

They always have interesting articles about where the best of whatever is.  A few weeks ago they talked about a place that had one of the best fried chicken in Chicago – Leghorn Chicken on Western Avenue.   I realized that was only 6 miles from my Mom’s church and quickly talked her into going there for lunch yesterday.  I was pretty much sold when they had a basket of chicken skins as a side for $4!

PicMonkey Collage - leghorn chicken

Um, let’s just say that the six mile drive from River Forest through some pretty shady Chicago neighborhoods were interesting.  While I was driving I was just looking around at all the diverse people that live in these neighborhoods and I think Jacob was a bit nervous and I was like “this is #adventure2015!”  His reply?  Well, I hope I live long enough to have #adventure2016!”

The place is small but I loved the eclectic décor.  You order at the couter and they bring the food to you.  One word about the fried chicken skins.  AMAZEBALLS!  Super light, not greasy and with the addition of hot bbq sauce it was the  And while my chicken sandwich with “nashville hot” seasoning and jalapeno aioli, wasn’t spicy at all.  If we venture out there again, I would get Hannah’s chicken tenders.  Super light breading and the chicken was so juicy. 

Mom had places to be after lunch as did Hannah and Jacob, so we dropped my Mom back off at her car back at church.   And here you can see she’s hugging her favorite child.

9.26WE 034

9.26WE 038

9.26WE 041

It was a busy weekend, but I loved it.  Every time I have a busy weekend like this I have to remind myself that this time I have is a gift – when Tony was sick I wasn’t able to do 1/10th of the stuff I am able to do now, and I have to make the most of the time I have.   Sure, I miss Tony every single day – and actually miss him yelling at the t.v. during football games, but life is for the living.  And living life to the fullest is what my goal is to do!

Hope you guys had a great weekend – can you believe later this week is October already!  One of the grocery stores I went to already started selling those cinnamon scented pinecones already – too soon!

Make it a great day!