I thought I posted before I went to visit Hannah this morning, but I must not have hit “publish.”  

Hannah was having a hard time breathing yesterday morning, was having chills, sweats and coughing so hard so could hardly breathe, so Jacob took her to the ER.  First question they ask: “do you think you are pregnant.”  Answer:  No.  Second question:  “are you on birth control.”  Answer:  Yes.

They immediately did a CT scan to rule out a blood clot.  Okay, I have never heard of women getting blood clots from birth control, but apparently it is more common than I thought.  Check this out.


Turns out she has pneumonia.  Her vitals weren’t stable yesterday – high heart rate and low oxygen, so they kept my baby overnight.  It was so weird going back to the hospital because I’ve spent so many days (weeks?!) there when Tony was sick.  Even the smell of the hospital brings me back.  

I went to visit her this morning.  She was still coughing pretty bad and they are putting her on another antibiotic this afternoon.  If her vitals are back to normal, she’ll be able to come home.

As I was leaving, I got to see one of Tony’s doctors, Dr. Atia.  The last I saw him was last November when Tony was being transferred from this hospital to University of Illinois.  I remember Dr. Atia telling me that he’d be in good hands there.  Well, just over a week later Tony passed away.  I never got to see Dr. Atia again, so I had a chance to thank him for everything he tried to do for Tony.  As I walked up to him I said “do you remember me?”  And he said “of course, you are the wife that loved your husband so much.”  

A truer statement was never spoken.