Over the weekend I found these new to me wraps. 

6.24.15 003

They don’t feel quite like a flour tortilla or a corn tortilla, but I thought shit – for 50 calories and 6 grams of fiber per wrap, I’d make a breakfast panini out of them.

6.24.15 006

The verdict?  Just okay in the panini – they didn’t crispy up like flour tortilla so, just the edges were kind of crispy, but the rest was chewy.  I think I’ll use them like a regular wrap with the rest of them.

Still super busy at work and I even contemplated working through lunch yesterday.  But then I saw how some of my 101 Days of Summer Challengers are posting positive things they are doing on our Facebook group page and email string, and I just put on my shoes and got out there.  Across the street from our office are thousands of these “weeds” but don’t they look pretty?

6.24.15 007

I ended up getting in 2.5 miles before heading back to my desk – I always have to keep in mind #wycwyc!

6.24.15 015

Have you tried Bush’s Beans latest bean flavor Sweet Heat?  OMG, so spicy flavorful good.  But 1/2 cup serving is 170 calories and doesn’t look like much.  So I decided to heat up A WHOLE can of green beans and tossed the baked beans with that and had a side of reheated Greek Chicken – so filling and delicious and this took me a long time to eat – the whole plate is 390 calories!

After work Hannah and I ran a bunch of errands to get ready for our vacation.  My Aunt has a Keurig so we went to Aldi and stocked up on k-cups, went to Wal-mart to get a few things.  We were walking in the back of the store by the frozen pizzas, and well, this stopped me in my tracks.

6.24.15 023

1/4 of the pizza was a serving for 290 calories – not too bad!  So we came home and heated it up.  The verdict?  It was spicy, but it was still a fucking frozen pizza and as I was eating it, I was thinking to myself I could have made one of my no rise pizza doughs in a minute and made a much better pizza.  Worse than that?  I ate 1/2 the pizza!  It wasn’t even that great.  It was like I was already in vacation mode and didn’t give a shit.  But that stopped me in my tracks even more.  What exactly should vacation mode mean to me?  I need to switch the focus off of food, although food will be front and center all of next week, to focus on the family members I will be seeing, the change to read some books I downloaded on my kindle, float in the river.  I can’t start out the vacation thinking it’s one long giant buffet table at Vegas.  I won’t have my next WI until July 8, and I need to stay at 169 or see a loss.  So THAT’S my vacation mode – still getting my 10k steps in a day, spending time with family and basically dominating at all the board games.  Charlie, you’ve been warned.

Open-mouthed smile

So while I was eating that third slice of shitty frozen pizza, I canned my salsa!  I was lucky enough to be given this deluxe electronic canner from Ball.

6.24.15 020

This is truly worth the $300 price tag.  I used to have a giant canning pot – but to heat the water to a boil because I had to have water an inch over the tops of the jars, it would take forever to come to a boil, and the whole kitchen would be sopping wet with the steam.  No more!  Simply add 48 ounces of water in the pot.  Add your clean jars, sans the lids, and hit pre-heat and they heat the jars for 12 minutes.  Take the jars out, fill the jars with salsa, wipe the rim, and gently put on the lids and rings, close the lid and press the salsa button and 40 minutes later your jars are canned.  I can only fit 4 pint jars in at a time, but once that 40 minutes is up, I just hit reset, and start with the second batch of pre-heating the jars.  I ended up with 10 pint jars of salsa – plenty to bring on vacation.

This is totally off track, but if you love pickles as much as I do – you’ll try this.  My brother or Mom brings me Fickle Pickles from Texas.  They are so good – different from any other pickle I’ve ever eaten.  Well, when I eat all the pickles and am left with the brine – I simply add more cucumbers!  This time I added some fresh dill from the farmers market, and cut up about 4 Kirby cucumbers and in a few days you’ve got crisp pickles!

6.24.15 021

I did end up getting all my steps in yesterday too – I think I am on day 10 or 11 of having 10k or more!

6.24.15 027

The stretching felt so good before work yesterday, going to do the same this morning.  TWO WORK DAYS LEFT before our road trip begins!  Woop!

Make it a great day!  Question of the Day:  How do you treat vacations?  Just eat whatever and make it up when you get back?  Do you decide which meal you may splurge and keep on track?  Curious!