Another whirlwind weekend is in the books, and I really couldn’t be happier about it.  It’s taken me a while to get used to the idea that I can do whatever I want, when I want.  Friday night Hannah called me at work around 3:00 – she’d gotten a text from one of the thrift stores we go to that all women’s clothing was going to be 50% off that night.  And since the thrift store was by my office, did she want to meet at Wok n Fire for a quick dinner before meeting her friend Melody there?  Um, yes please!  Didn’t even have to think twice about that one.

PicMonkey Collage - wok n fire

So those green beans?  They are called “wrinkled” beans on the menu and Hannah and I were fighting over them right down to the last one.   We were talking about them on how to recreate them at home, because they don’t seem like the fresh green beans that I see my Mom make.  As luck would have it, when I was shopping at the grocery store, I saw a bunch of long beans.  Huh.  As I stood there I jumped on my iPhone and found this recipe that I think will most closely recreate this dish – and they were only .99 cents a pound!  It was a fun dinner and I loved that it was just me and Hannah.  It reminds me of the old days when I had “Hanging with Hannah Wednesday!”

So this thrift store we go to is GINORMOUS.  Like you could literally spend hours in there and not get through half the store.   So I came with a plan.  I wanted a new purse (found two!) and I needed tops and a couple pairs of capris to wear to work.  I was on fire – literally everything I tried on fit (still a size 14) and I ended up buying 28 pieces and only spent $39 with the 50% off night.  #winning!  Marie, if you ever made it to Chicago you and I would tear that place up – you too Roz!  I did not buy the 4 inch wedge shoes, nor did I buy the hat.  I had to undo my scarf because I filled food on my shirt from dinner – I am so klassy like that.

PicMonkey Collage - thrift

Hannah’s work requested that she go to Coffee Fest that was being held at Navy Pier on Saturday.  None of the other baristas, or manager wanted to go – and the GM could only make it on Sunday, so I told Hannah I would tag along if she didn’t mind.

6.7.15WE 131

I love going to Chicago.  Tony hated it.  I remember getting so pissed off at him when we’d drive down to an event, which wasn’t very often mind you.  He would bitch and moan about the traffic so much and on on particular trip I yelled “just turn the fucking car around and let’s go home – I hate this!”  I don’t get mad every often, but he didn’t complain the rest of the drive down!  And yes, sometimes traffic is a bitch to get down there.  It took us about an hour and 45 minutes door to door to get there – and surprisingly only an hour and five minutes to get home – nice!

6.7.15WE 086

It basically had a ton of coffee vendors – everything from the sleeves that go on the outside of the coffee cups, to actual giant machines, they had coffee art competitions.  Hannah’s coffee shop is so small though that a lot of the vendors were out of their league – one sleeve vendor said his minimum order on sleeves was 26,000!  But it was fun and we got to try a lot of smoothies, granola bars, and duh, coffee!  I will point out that the Earnest Eats Asia Blend Quinoa bowl was amazingly delicious.  I am going to have to try to recreate that one at home – it was sweet, but not overly sweet – I suggested that Hannah mention that to her buyer at her office – they work on small orders with free shipping too!

It was the perfect day to be downtown too – about 70 degrees and blue skies.

6.7.15WE 115

We tried to take pictures of ourselves, but we end up just being goofy and laughing!

6.7.15WE 093

We ended up splitting a small order of nachos, I had a beer and we hung out at the Navy Pier beer garden and listened to live music for about a half hour.  I was just thrilled because I got carded!

6.7.15WE 098

6.7.15WE 122

We eventually asked a stranger to take a decent picture of us – it was super windy and my hair kept flying in my face!  We left the house at noon and we were home by 7 – it was the perfect day – thanks for letting me tag along Hannah!

So last night was my firms Anniversary dinner.  Long time readers will remember that four years ago our firm split up, and I went with partners that started their own firm.  Every year we have a celebratory dinner which includes spouses.  If Tony were here he would have gone, but kicking and screaming.  I’ve been in charge of this event and our yearly Christmas luncheon and it’s always a bit of stress making sure that I’ve thought of all the details.

6.7.15WE 021

I am happy to report that the event was a success.  The appetizers were amazing, the service was excellent.  But most importantly, my boss loved it  #winning!  Both the named partners gave short speeches.  One basically said that without the talent in the room we wouldn’t be the successful law firm that we are today.  The second partner wanted to welcome new employees and their spouses to the “firm family” and recognize new births to two attorneys, and even the birth of a grandchild of another.  But what I wasn’t expecting was that she made a point to say that she would be remiss without acknowledging the fact that this was the first event that Jeff wasn’t at, and that she hoped that I knew how much he was missed.

Ya’ll – I nearly lost it.  And I don’t like to show emotions like that in public.  I always have to be the strong one, but I appreciated her mentioning him.  I do miss him so much.

By now I think most of you have heard that Facebook exec Sheryl Sandberg lost her husband after a freak accident at a gym on their vacation.  She’s Jewish and they have their traditions of mourning.  She wrote an amazing piece about him that I wish I was talented enough to have written, but it was so spot on.  You can read the article here.   This was the part that got me though:

I was talking to one of these friends about a father-child activity that Dave is not here to do. We came up with a plan to fill in for Dave. I cried to him, “But I want Dave. I want option A.” He put his arm around me and said, “Option A is not available. So let’s just kick the shit out of option B.”

I too will always mourn for Option A – but since that isn’t available to me either, I am just going to have to kick the shit out of Option B.