Monday’s are always hard for me to get up because I usually sleep in on Saturdays and Sundays.  The alarm went off at 6:45.  Then 7:00 and finally at 7:10 I got up.  I still had to blog, get dressed and put together my breakfast.  I am sure I’ve mentioned it, but I have to leave the house at 8:00!  Breakfast turned out to be “throw shit in a bag” and see what happens.  I threw in one of my naan breads, a carton of egg whites, a baggie of baby spinach, a few pieces of deli ham, and of course, no day would be complete without cheese – Cabot 12 month old cheese that is!  While I emptied the work dishwasher, I cooked the egg whites in my microwave egg maker, then threw everything on top of my naan, topped with cheese and stuck it under the toaster oven broiler.  I was taking clean coffee mugs to the coffee pot across the office, started talking to someone, and all of a sudden I was like “fuck. . .my breakfast!”  I ran to the kitchen and caught it before burning the shit out of the naan bread – whew!

5.18 009

5.18 010

It was warm yesterday – I think it got up to 85?  While I sprayed myself with SPF50, my co-worker would have used baby oil on her if she could – even though I tell her all the time about the dangers of too much sun, she loves it.  Have you seen the girl who posted what her face looks like after skin cancer treatment?  She’s only 27 years old too!   So sad, but also very preventable.

PicMonkey Collage - walk

Our path was still blocked by lots of water, so we just turned around – we ended up walking 3 miles in 50 minutes.

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So I’ve talked before about grilling once but cooking twice?  I ended up cooking a dozen boneless skinless chicken thighs for Jacob and I to have for our lunches.  While he will just eat it cold out of the fridge, I decided to make a naan panini – one grilled chicken thigh, sliced, baby spinach and Cabot cheese.  One the side I had some cucumbers and cherries.  TJ, you’ll be happy to know I found cherries for $2.99 this weekend!

5.18 027

This naan I seasoned with Spice and Tea’s Greek seasoning – the naan was so flavorful, super crunchy on the outside, yet still a bit fluffy on the inside.  Pretty sure I am going to have this again for lunch today!  The naan recipe is from Half Baked Harvest – the only thing I do differently is double the amount of naan – I made 16 while hers made 8, so mine are thinner but also less carbs for me.  I also add whatever seasonings I have on hand, but she has picky people in her family so she doesn’t add any seasonings to hers.

I started the next week of Bite Sized Fitness’s strength, and we’ve added another rep to the sets, so strength took me 35 minutes, then I finished off with 2 miles on the treadmill.  I haven’t been running since my knee had been bothering me, but now that it doesn’t hurt, I was afraid to test it out.  But with my Spartan race on Saturday, I decided to give it a go and I ran for half a mile without stopping and it felt fine – whoop!

PicMonkey Collage - workout

Not gonna lie – the staggered push ups were hard and the cable flys are hard for me – I need to work on my shoulder strength because I could only use 10 pounds for those exercises.

So on Saturday when I knew my friends were bringing back my lawn mower I quickly got to work making them some food.  I make this amazing Italian Sunday Gravy, but that takes hours and like $27 worth of meat!  What did I have?  Ground sirloin and pepperoni!  This is really so quick, you could make it after dinner one night and have a super quick dinner ready the next night.


5.18 039

This makes 8 heaping half cup servings – I tossed mine with 1 cup of cooked rotini, chopped baby spinach and a bit of Parmesan.  So filling and delicious!  The nutritional label is for the sauce alone.  Not bad – 21 grams of protein and you get nearly your days worth of Vitamin C – nice!

label (4)

It’s super chilly again – when I left work last night it was 78 and by the time I went to bed it was 46 degrees – amazing sleeping weather last night.  And I have time to get in a quick walk before going to work this morning – I got 15,600 steps yesterday – woop!

Alright, let’s get this show on the road – make it a great day!