Every year Tony would send flowers to his Mom on Mother’s Day.  I decided that I would continue the tradition, and yesterday flowers were delivered to her in memory of Tony.  I am sure it surprised her but I wanted to let her know that even though Tony isn’t here anymore, we are still family.  I think this picture below was the last picture of them together, which was 15 months before he passed away at my nephew’s wedding reception.  I know this Mother’s Day will be hard for her, no parent should have to outlive their child, no matter what age.  Love you Bonnie!

Wedding 002

Avocado toast seems to be the new thing – I am seeing it everywhere.  When I was getting ready for work yesterday, I saw that I had leftover Jimmy John’s bread and an avocado in my fruit bowl and decided to have that for breakfast.  Only one teeny tiny problem – I left the bread on the kitchen counter – gah!  But, you know me, I have a stocked pantry at work and saw that I had tostada shells, so breakfast tostadas it was. 

5.7 007

Egg whites, Cabot cheese, avocado, diced tomato, baby spinach and red cabbage and hot sauce.  Super filling and delicious!

5.7 010

I haven’t looked to check, but yesterday they were saying that it could have been the hottest May 7 ever.  When my co-worker and I left for our walk it was already 80 degrees.  Lori, you’ll be happy to know that I brought sunscreen!  It was quite windy too!

PicMonkey Collage - walk

I brought leftover spinach pizza for lunch and just brought more fresh baby spinach for the topping and had some sliced cucumbers on the side.

5.7 021

It was a bit ironic that as I was eating it, I got a notification that my spinach pizza and bagels were being featured on The Feed Feed under the Baking Steel category.

5.7 022

Yesterday I had back for strength: happy to say that I am up to 10 pound dumbbells for the standing reverse fly! 

5.7 012

Here’s my game face:

5.7 025

Then I finished it off with 2.5 miles on the treadmill.

5.7 027

I downloaded Map My Run for our lunch walk – it has a lot of cool features since the last time I used it.

5.7 029

I am online friends with Rachel and Dave – they used to blog here before Rachel got too busy with her schooling (but she’s graduating this weekend – so happy for you Dr. Rachel!).  Anyway, I guess my name is usually one above Dave’s when he syncs to his Fitbit and curses my name if I get more steps than him.  The other day though he taunted me and I was like WTF?!  Turns out he had more steps than me that day and was rubbing it in!   I told them he ought not have done that, so when I was picking up dinner, I took a picture of my fitbit up until that point and put it on Facebook for him to see – hey I can taunt right back!

5.7 031

I realized on my way home that I forgot to pull out the chicken from the freezer, and as it was already close to 7, I decided to pick up dinner at our local beef place.  On Thursdays they have a grilled pita for only $4.  I asked for it plain, asked them not to cook the pita on the flat top (full of delicious butter and oil!) and when I got home I accessorized it with chopped veggies that I had at home.  Tossed the veggies and the grilled chicken in a tablespoon of Annie’s goddess dressing and put it back into the pita – so good!

5.7 035

Hannah has Sunday off so we are going to do a Mother’s Day 5k and then head to my Mom’s house.  She saw the spinach pizza I posted on Facebook and said that she really wanted to try it, and I told her I could make her dreams come true and make it for her Mother’s Day lunch and she said Hoo boy – YES!  That’s what I do – make dreams come true, one pizza at a time.  Who knows what else we’ll do that day, but we’ll be together and that’s all that matters.

What are you plans for Mother’s Day?  I think our weather is supposed to be pretty crappy this weekend, so you know I’ll be busy in my kitchen – I need to make more bagels!

Have a wonderful weekend – make it a great day!