I should really go through all my blog posts from September of 2008 and pull out all me “before” pics and put them in a collage – ha!  I wrote half of yesterdays post on Sunday night and realized I never did a 2015 before shot.  So here we go – this was one of the outtakes because Rummy has to be a diva and be in all the pics!

3.20we 030

Note to self:  mop the kitchen floor!  I forget how dirty the kitchen floor gets with two dogs in the house.  And see that ugly ass refrigerator to the left?  I am getting a new fridge installed today!  Well, it actually was supposed to be installed last week, but turns out I didn’t have the right copper piping hook up, what I had was not up to code and I needed a shut of valve installed behind the fridge.  Dangit.  So last Friday the plumber did his thing and hopefully by the time I get home I’ll have a new fridge.   You can’t see it in that picture, but the fridge refuses to stay shut anymore and we have it taped with duck tape and a stool is in front of it as a backup in case it pops open.  Klassy!

So I had a few emails, texts, etc. asking me where I was getting my 21 day detox program from, and basically I am making it up.  Well, that’s true and it’s not.  Basically I want to stick to about 30% of calories from fat, 30% from protein and 40% from carbs.  I love using Calorie Count because I can put all my food in for the day and see how close I am to that goal, and can tweak it before I eat it.  Well, that’s organized me now, so we’ll see how long I can keep up with it.

I had breakfast all worked out until I forgot there were bagels brought in for my birthday last week now that people are back from spring break.  So I swapped out the banana and peanut butter I was going to have with my zucchini egg whites and made an oat bran breakfast bagel – scooping out most of the inside of the bread so it was 2 ounces. 

3.23 006

I ended up watching a show on Travel Channel about the best steak houses in Chicago, and I hate that everyone goes for Gene & Georgetti’s first – I think it’s overrated and kind of a tourist trap.   They did talk about a steak house I didn’t even know existed (well, I do live 55 miles NW of Chicago, so it’s not like I am down there all the time anymore) – it’s David Burke’s Primehouse.  Holy balls they had the most amazing steaks!   They dry age their beef – this is the Executive Chef Rick Gresh.  They have a wall of Himalayan sea salt that helps not only to tenderize the beef as it ages, but lightly season it as well.  This summer I will definitely make a trip down to Chicago for this beef!


I ended up drooling on the treadmill while watching the show about beef!

3.23 011

Lunch was leftover pot roast – this time I did the pot roast in the crock pot while we were with my Mom on Sunday.  I used this crock pot version, and you can never go wrong with it.  When it’s done all you need to do is drain the juices and make a gravy with some corn starch.  I measured out 3 ounces of the beef, the carrots and potatoes and had cucumbers and apples on the side.  While this plate comes in at 521 calories and 24 grams of fat, this still fit in with my calories as a whole for the day.

3.23 014

And then in the afternoon?  Birthday cake for me!  I ended up having half a slice of one of these slices – my guess was it was about a 150 calorie slice – it would have been rude not to have some, and I didn’t want to be so strict on this “detox” and just took it in stride. 

3.23 017

My boss was back from Spring Break and got me this super funny birthday card – she said as she was reading it, she could hear my voice!

3.23 018

And thank you to Louise who sent me a beautiful hand crafted birthday card – just to let you know Louise, I’ve kept every card you’ve given me!

3.23 019

Since I watched a show about beef at lunch, you know I had to have it for dinner!  I had this on the menu for later in the week, but switched it around.  This is a 6 oz. portion, with sauteed zucchini and half a baked potato on the side.  Hannah was my photographer last night while I was checking my blood sugar and taking my insulin before eating – this was her favorite one she took, so I’ll go with it.

3.23 024

Then inexplicably, just as we sat down to eat, the power went out.  We could see it was out all around us, so we just lit some candles, Hannah turned on some music on her phone and we ate dinner by candle light!

3.23 027

Yep, that’s one of my snowmen candles that stays out all year round.   The power ended up being off for an hour – not too bad!  We sat around the table, talked, the kids show me crazy ass Vines.  That’s one app I have yet to put on my phone because I know it would be an absolute time suck, but not like Instagram (yeah right!).

So my total calories for the day?  1640, 144 carbs, 108 protein, 52 fat and 17.2 fiber, which is 31% calories from fat, 29% from protein and 39% from carbs – pretty much right on the money, even with the adjustments I made on the fly.  I got all my steps in too!

 3.23 029

So the DietBet that started yesterday?  The pot is up to $13,525 dollars with 521 players strong!  It’s not to late to join – I think the final weigh-in is April 20-21.   You can click this link to join.

And guess what?  I didn’t have any wine – woop!  And I got my ass to bed at 10:30 last night, I haven’t done that in long time and I feel so rested this morning.  I was going to walk outside this morning, but it’s only 9 degrees out – I don’t think this winter is every going to end!  And just as I was remarking to myself on Saturday how happy I was to look out in my backyard and not see anymore dirty ugly snow, yesterday morning woke up to this:

3.23 004

The dogs don’t seem to mind though!  Off to find an exercise on demand before getting ready for work – make it a great day!