I stopped by Hannah’s work on my way to work.  I know she lives with me, but I still enjoy spending ten minutes or so with her at her job before I go to mine.  Every once in a while she’ll tell me “I like your ensemble!”   I don’t have the most fashion sense, so it’s nice to hear when I actually pull an outfit together that looks reasonably fashionable.  When she was asking me what kind of drink I wanted, my eyes suddenly looked at the board and I said “I’ll have a cappuccino.”  What the fuck?!  I’ve never ordered or tasted a cappuccino in my whole life.  I’ve probably made thousands of them in my restaurant days, but I just assumed the espresso would be so strong I wouldn’t like it.  Then Hannah asked what kind of milk, and I saw Almond Breeze Vanilla Almond Milk and asked for that.

3.17 008

Holy balls was this good.  I did add a packet and a half of Splenda to my 20 ounce coffee, and it was perfect.  Slightly sweet with that almond flavor, but the coffee – the coffee!!  So good!  Pretty sure that will be my signature drink every time I go there.

I had every intention of making a shredded zucchini egg white omelet for breakfast, but it stuck to the pan.   I kind of had to reconstruct it into the shape of an omelet for this picture.  Bonnie, I think I know what I am going to get with that Sur la Table gift card you gave me – I nice non-stick pan!

It was still tasty though:

3.17 009

Work was boring …nothing unusual there.  I went to the gym and got my 2.5 miles in at 8 percent incline.  I watched a show on Travel Channel on the best steaks across the United States and they showed what part of the cow the meat came from, and aging of different cuts of meat and I am not going to lie, as I got my steps in I thought to myself “should I become a butcher?”  How cool would that be?!  

One place they talked about and I was literally drooling on the treadmill was a place called Bern’s Steakhouse in Tampa, Florida.  OMG, the aged beef, the sunken wine seller.  If I had only known about this place the night Mom and I spent the night there when we were stranded coming home, I totally would have gone there.  I’ll have to ask my cousin if she’s been there.  They literally do not cut your meat until it is ordered!

Kym, I’ll have you know that the gym was completely empty. . . again!

3.17 013

Lunch was more leftover ribs bbq panini, this time with a sliced apple.  Still so fricken good. 

3.17 015

3.17 017

My apple was starting to turn, but it was still good – Fuji apples are my favorite eating and baking apples.   Last Friday night I had Hannah’s friend and son over for Party Pizza Friday.  I have told one of the attorneys I work with that I make a really mean deep dish pizza and he said he’d like to try it.  Well, if you read the instructions on how to make it, it does sound a bit complicated, but it really isn’t.   So I ended up making him some dough so he could try it at home.  He ended up making it over the weekend and loved it – and yesterday brought me a taste of it to try it out.  The buttery crust totally steals the show!

3.17 019

The afternoon dragged along as usual.  When I got home and walked in the back door I didn’t see Hannah or Jacob, but saw a note that they were on the front deck and she had my glass of wine waiting for me.  The every night glass of wine isn’t going to last long, but it is my birthday week!  Sadly, we only sat outside for about 15 minutes – it was only about 40 degrees!  I like how this picture turned out that you can see Hannah’s reflection in the glass:

3.17 025

Hannah cooked dinner, since it was corned beef and it needed to cook about 3 hours on top of the stove.  But let’s just say someone took a nap in the afternoon and didn’t put the corned beef on as early as I thought, so we ended up watching last weeks episode of Shameless while the corned beef finished cooking.  Holy balls do I love that show and I love that the writing and acting almost seems to get better as the seasons continue.  William H. Macy is an amazing actor.

Then dinner was ready!  Corned beef – um, a bit of mustard, sauerkraut, cooked potatoes and carrots.  Best St. Patty’s meal evah!

3.17 029

Jacob and I loved this, but Hannah is still on the fence about corned beef.  She’ll probably make a reuben out of it but she will mince up the meat into tiny tiny pieces.  I ended up getting my steps in, just barely.  It’s been in the low 30s the last couple days and I am much more inclined to walk outside before work if its in the mid-40s.

3.17 001

A happy birthday shout out is necessary for my twin sisters oldest son Paul – he’s 19 today – Happy Birthday Paul!  Love, Aunt B.