Sunday night Mom and I were on our own as my cousin and Aunt had flights back that day.  We hadn’t yet gone to Mallory Square to see the sunset, so we dropped off our bikes back at the rental place and walked to Mallory Square.  I love that you can pretty much walk from one side of the island to the other.  We got there about an hour before sunset, which was a good idea because it filled up with people really quickly!

Another feature on my iPhone 6?  Panoramic pictures!

key west 846

key west 787

key west 788

We got a drink and some appetizers as we were still going to have dinner. 

key west 859

key west 863

key west 874

It was such a gorgeous night.  And when the sun finally set, everyone applauded!  We paid our bill and then I wanted to find the Pier House.  I still had some more of Tony’s ashes and I wanted to put them in the water near the hotel. 

key west 898

When we stayed there, the room we got cost $250 and was the most deluxe hotel room I’d ever stayed in.  Now the rates are over $550 a night!  As soon as I took that picture above, the doorman came running out and said kind of rudely, “can I help you?”  I remembered that Tony and I ate at a restaurant at the hotel that was on the water, and he pointed us in the right direction.  We get to the host stand and see that there is only one other table in the whole restaurant.  At 7:00 p.m. on a Sunday night.  A restaurant on the water.  In Key West.  Huh?

key west 901

Nearly every other place we went to earlier in the week had wait lists and a sea of people.  But we ended up staying and guess what?  It was delicious!  The had one of my favorite pinot grigios on the menu – Mom, here is the link to try to find it here – it’s super reasonable at $12.99 a bottle.

key west 899

I got fried calamari for my appetizer – I didn’t realize my Mom liked it to – the dipping sauce was a sweet and spicy sauce, and then there was a wasabi sauce that was delicious.

key west 903

And we both ended up getting the spinach and goat cheese salad as our entrée – check out how much goat cheese?!  It had a super light, not overly sweet raspberry vinaigrette – so good!

key west 902

And it was nice having my Momma all to myself that last evening.  You know, because I am her favorite and all.  I really do need to get her a custom coffee cup that says “Of all my kids, Biz is my favorite.”  You know, just a gentle daily reminder when she pours her coffee in the morning.

Well, I thought I was done talking about Key West, but my last installment will be tomorrow. . . talking about the 36 hour trip home from Key West because of shitty Silver Airlines.  If you ever go to Key West, do not book through United because their sister airline is Silver Airlines – we had a four hour delay getting there and our flight was Monday morning and we didn’t get home until Tuesday night! 

Stay tuned and make it a great day!