We’ve been through this drill so many times we know exactly how to handle the possible discharge from the hospital.  What made this discharge massively tricky was that we had to have five doctors sign off that he was well enough to come home.

Before I left for the hospital I made a quick oatmeal with sauteed apples and a few toasted pecans – so delicious and this bowl is 7 points.

As I was walking into the hospital, I looked up and saw a helicopter and thought to myself “my gosh that’s flying really low!”

Um, I am a dork.  Because I realized the entrance I was going in was right next to the helicopter pad where critical patients are brought in.  Duh!

I got to the hospital around 9:30, and around 10:30 there were rumblings that he might get discharged.  We sluffed it off and said “if it’s today, great.  If it’s tomorrow?  That’s okay too.”  If either one of us had called or talked to anyone saying “he’s coming home!” it most definitely wouldn’t have happened.

When Tony got his sandwich for lunch, I went down and got probably my fourth or fifth bowl of chili for the week.  With a bit of cheese and a dollup of sour cream and 4 saltines, lunch comes in at 11 points.

And around two I had some kiwi and pears that I brought from home.

We passed the time by laying together in his hospital bed watching t.v., and he’d fall asleep every so often.  It was super warm in his room, so my cheeks were really rosy, so I made this pic in black and white. 😀

I have to say though that the snotty nurse from the day before yesterday turned out to be fabulous – we just both got off on the wrong foot and she ended up taking excellent care of Tony.  In fact, when she came in to bring us his discharge papers she said “I am not even going to put a gown on – how about that?!”

When so many doctors are stirring the pot, it took until 4:45 in the afternoon before we were able to come home.  Our dog who has spent the last five days hidden in our bedroom closet, or laying on our bedroom floor, only to come out to go to the bathroom?  As soon as Tony walked in, he saw him, then went to get his toy and was back to his old self. 😀

I obviously haven’t grocery shopped, and I really can’t remember what I had on tap for last week that night reappear this week.  Tony asked from some plain pasta with a bit of butter and Parmesan cheese, so I just made a quick red sauce with canned plum tomatoes, garlic, oregano, crushed red pepper, salt and pepper.  I tossed in some fresh chopped spinach at the end for some color.

Tony is still so tired.  I am hoping now that he’s home and not in pain he will be able to catch up this week.  So glad he’s home!

I am looking forward to getting to the gym this week, as well as getting on a more normal eating schedule.  Tony has follow up appointments with three of his doctors in the next week or so.   I want to thank you again for all the virtual hugs – it made this week a lot better for me!

Our weather is so crazy – I was woken up last night to a thunder storm!  Right now its 44 degrees, yet tonight its getting down to 17 with snow flurries.  I really hate January weather in Chicago.

How was your weekend??  Make it a great day!