This is going to be a fly by post because I have to be at work at 7:00 a.m. this morning – oh well, at least I’ll be busy!  (p.s. – thanks for all the comments on my blog post yesterday – I know I will have days where I just don’t want to get out of bed, but I appreciate all the virtual hugs!  – and to my cousin Sue, thanks for your email!)

Hannah worked again yesterday morning so I swung by for another parfait and a Café Au Lait.  I forgot how much I like that kind of coffee, I can’t even remember the last time I ordered one – need to fix that the next time I go to Starbuck’s with my gift cards!

1.21 001

I ended up doing about 10 minutes of abs with a 10 pound medicine ball, then finished off my lunch time workout with a 2.25 mile walk.  I used to think that “just” walking was kind of a cop out for running, but guess what?  I can walk for miles and miles and nothing hurts – my knees, my feet – if I would have had more time I would have kept on going!  And when I wear a light weight jacket and walk on an incline, um, it’s a pretty good workout!

1.21 003

Still flying by the seat of my pants meal planning wise this week.  I saw I had a chicken breast that either needed to be used up or put in the freezer, so I cooked it before work and then threw that and a bunch of other stuff to make a “panini quesadilla” using LaTortilla factory low carb wraps, sliced chicken, fat free refried beans, Cabot cheese, baby spinach and had baby cucumbers and spicy salsa.  The quesadilla came in at 402 calories, 28 carbs, and a whopping 17 grams of fiber and 47 grams of protein – bam!

1.21 006

There were thoughts that I may have had to work late last night, but at the last minute, I was asked to come in early this morning.  So I got my ass back to the gym and ended up doing 4 miles in just over 60 minutes.

1.21 010

I watched a whole show of Property Brothers – I love that show!  It’s amazing what they can do to “fixer-uppers” and well, typically $125,000 budget to makeover a whole house.  And they are easy on the eyes!

download (1)

I got home and had a package from blog reader Lynne from Wisconsin.  She sent me a very nice card and this apron – how cute and thoughtful was that?  And yes Lynne, I would definitely come up to Madison for the farmers market this spring for a meet up!

1.21 013

I ended up making a super quick dinner – ground beef nachos with black beans, corn, baby spinach and more Cabot white oak cheddar cheese.  If I were on a desert island and could only have one thing, it would probably be cheese!

1.21 018

Check out how many steps I got in yesterday!

1.21 021

I really wanted to walk around the house until I hit 20,000, but I ended up making some super delicious enchilada soup that is ready in literally 15 minutes which I will post the recipe for tomorrow.  One of the attorneys at my office is back today after being on maternity leave, and I texted her that I was going to bring her lunch today since that would be one less thing she needed to worry about.  I sent that to her in a text and she replied “you don’t have to do that . . . but OKAY!”  I also made some coffee cake muffins, if they taste good I’ll share the link to that too – the recipe I used called for only 1 1/2 cups of flour for 12 muffins – I added an extra 1/2 cup of flour because I thought the consistency wasn’t where it should be, and I ended up only getting 9 muffins out of the recipe.  We’ll see!

Make it a great day!