Yesterday was a rough day for me, but if you looked at me you wouldn’t know it.  Yesterday marked 8 weeks since Tony passed away.  I had some down time at work so I was deleting old emails and then I got to an email that Tony sent me for a blog post he wanted to do for my birthday.   The last lines of the document nearly made me cry right at my desk:

I love Biz more that my huge clumsy fingers could ever write. I am truly blessed to have her in my life.  Today is her Birthday; please help me honor the best person I have ever known. I love you Lizabeth May Alcott Difasio Digorno Velatini, I will love you till the end of time.

I texted his son Joe and we both are still in a state of shock, like suddenly he will come up from behind us and give us a great big hug.  Needless to say,  I didn’t delete any of the emails.  I am just not ready to do that yet.  Another thing that I still have a hard time with is 11:30.  He used to call me every day at 11:30 to say hello.  I’ll find myself at the copier and I’ll look down at my phone and see that it’s nearly 11:30 and I start to head to my desk quickly, only to realize that phone call will never come.  And texting – I used to text him a few times a day – usually an “I love you” or “running to the gym, have my phone with me if you need anything.”  I know over time it will get easier, but yesterday?  I was full of grief.


I ended up stopping by Hannah’s work to pick up another one of their delicious parfaits – this one had a berry preserve and it had the perfect balance of sweet and tart.

1.20 003

I am part of a fit bit walking challenge this week with Dave and Rachel among other people.  I have to tell you, it’s motivating me to get more steps in!  I ditched the strength for the day yesterday, and did the treadmill again – this time at an 8% incline.

1.20 005

My blood sugar was 238 before working out – perfect!  After just over 40 minutes though, I could feel really BIG drops of sweat forming, and when I got off and checked my blood sugar in the locker room, it was down to 61 – quite a drop!   I ended up eating my lunch without taking any insulin because I wanted to go back to the gym after work.  My lunch was actually what I would have had for breakfast had I not stopped at Hannah’s work – leftover Jennie-O turkey sausage and egg white burrito with fruit on the side.  And a touch of hot sauce. Open-mouthed smile

1.20 006

I went back to the gym after work – I actually look forward to it.  I always came straight home from work, so it’s weird for me, but a quick hour of walking goes by pretty fast while I am watching Food TV.  This time my blood sugar was at 201, so I did my walk at a 5% incline and it dropped to 118 after an hour – nice.

1.20 009

One of the dishes Hannah wanted from her Pinterest page of things she wanted me to make, were these stuffed shells.   When I started to make dinner I asked her if she wanted me to add the chicken in the recipe and she said “there’s chicken in there?”  So I adapted the recipe to suit Hannah’s tastes.  And while these were going to be her entrée, Jacob and I had steak.  Beef, It’s What’s For Dinner!  If you don’t follow me on Instagram (and why the fuck not – my bizzy kitchen – so easy to find!) you would have seen my tip about buying meat at the grocery store.  My store has a discount bin for beef/meat that is expiring that day.  You either need to cook it that day or the next, or freeze it.  If you don’t see anything, just ask the butcher – I got two thin t-bone steaks for $5.37 – the $2 off manager special coupon had already been removed.

1.20 011

Alfredo Stuffed Shells

  • 14 large pasta shells, cooked
  • 1 cup jarred Alfredo sauce
  • 2 cups cooked and chopped broccoli
  • 1 ounce Cabot cheese White Oak Cheddar
  • 1.5 ounces sharp cheddar cheese
  • pinch of salt and pepper
  • 1 teaspoon hot sauce

Mix the Alfredo sauce, broccoli, Cabot cheese, salt, pepper and hot sauce together.  Stuff each shell with a couple tablespoons of the broccoli mixture and put in a 9×9 pan.  Sprinkle with the remainder of the cheddar cheese and broil until the cheese is all melty.

1.20 013

1.20 015

The steaks were so thin that I literally cooked them 1 minute per side – perfect medium rare and Jacob loved the steak – he’s a big meat eater. Open-mouthed smile

Um, I think I got my steps in for the day!

1.20 017

And it’s Wednesday WI day:

1.20 002

1.20 003

-3.8 in six days, and –3.8 since I reset my Zero scale 13 days ago.  What am I doing differently?  Well, I am working out more.  I don’t snack at work, and since we are eating later at night, I don’t feel the need to raid the kitchen before bed, and getting in my water.  I’ll take it!

Alright, off to put my shit together – I am having chicken tostadas for lunch today and just cooked up some chicken.  Make it a great day!