I am getting familiar with this new hospital.  It’s clean, the nursing staff is fine, and the doctors I have met so far seem to be on the same page.  As is with most hospitals we have been to, weekends are basically keeping him on schedule with medications, doing his blood pressure, etc.  I spent about 11 hours at the hospital on Saturday.  I told Tony that I would be back yesterday around mid-morning.  I had no clean underwear, and had to do some things around the house.  I basically needed to get some of my energy out knowing that I was going to sit around most of the day.

Just as I was leaving the house Tony called me and wondered where I was.  I told him I was on my way, and the disappointment in his voice nearly brought tears to my eyes.  I was still over an hour away.  Luckily  I made it in time for doctors rounds.  We have an important test today.  One that will determine whether is heart is even strong enough to go through with transplant surgery.  I  decided to spend the night so I could be with him.  Luckily my office is letting me take the day off.

When Tony is sick, he doesn’t talk very much.  He’s now beginning week three of being in the hospital so he’s weak.  It’s actually hard to understand him so I think when I am here he can relax and sleep, because he knows that I will be his voice.

He still doesn’t have much of an appetite and so far has not gotten any choice on what food gets brought to him.  Case in point – one meal brought to him?  Chicken parmesan with vegetables.


And almost every meal comes with milk, fruit punch, a roll and butter.  So much food! Last night I decided to get some hot soup or a hot sandwich for dinner.  Imagine my surprise when the cafeteria was closed on Sunday.


They have a 24 hour kiosk that has prepared food.  Sandwiches, which I am kind of sick of, so I ended up getting an “Asian” noodle salad.  The dressing in the container tasted like peanut butter and water mixed together. Oh how I needed Sriracha!


I luckily bought a cheese stick and some nuts to snack on last night.  This is the first time I am using the tablet to do a post, so not sure how it’s going to look.  Also I can’t access Gmail from the hospital, so you can reach me by email at bizvela@yahoo.com or via Facebook or instagram  (mybizzykitchen).

Keep sending your well wishes our way!  We appreciate it! Hugs!