One thing I’ve noticed since Tony has been in the hospital.  I hardly ever turn the t.v. on, but instead have Pandora playing on the computer while I am in the kitchen and working on the blog.  Second?  I am kind of a slob!  Growing up I know I drove my Mom crazy with how messy my room was.  It was literally covered from one corner of the room to the other with just stuff.  Mostly clothes – half clean half dirty.  Hey, I did the smell test before I put anything on though!  And then all of a sudden I would look around and I couldn’t stand it anymore, and I’d clean my room from head to toe and I think my parents were secretly taking bets on how long it would last.

Usually after dinner I like to have the kitchen cleaned for the night before settling down to watch t.v. with Tony.  I don’t know what it is, but if he starts putting on a movie and I haven’t cleaned up the kitchen I start to get antsy.  But lately?  I’ve taken my pajamas off in the bathroom, leave them on the floor, take a shower and never put them in the dirty clothes.  The other night I had the same pot soaking on top of my stove for three days and it didn’t bother me in the least!

So Sunday night when I got home, I still had the urge to get bizzy in my kitchen.  But it was nearly 8:30 by the time I got home, and I didn’t want anything too complicated.  Who knew that flour tortillas were that easy to make?  I followed this recipe to the T – except I actually used a salad plate to get a perfect circle for each tortilla.  Best part is that the dough will stay good for up to a week before it needs to be frozen.  I only cooked off two tortillas, and ended up using just one for my breakfast this morning.

Here they are on my counter cooling before I could put them in my lunch bag.  The dough just rests 10 minutes before you pan fry them up to cook through – take her advice and roll out the dough thinner than you think, because they will puff up during the cooking process.  That spatula, plate and flour on my counter?  I didn’t clean that up until last night – what is wrong with me?!

tortilla 004

I made an egg white/spinach/spicy breakfast sausage and cheese burrito with half a fuji apple.  I was a bit worried because the tortillas were really hard after they cooled down, but once I tossed them in the microwave they were soft, tender and oh so delicious.

tortilla 005

I was actually a bit busy again at work, which I wasn’t expecting, but it was a nice pace after the crazy day I had on Friday.  I snuck out to the gym around 12:15.  I did arms on the weights, and did 2.25 on the treadmill.

tortilla 009

Over the weekend I picked up some pork fried rice for lunch to bring to the hospital.  It was okay – I kicked up the leftovers a notch by adding some shrimp, carrots and zucchini to it and added a lot of sriracha.

tortilla 012

So I ended up heading straight to the hospital after work.  Earlier in the day one doctor said that Tony could be transferred to the transplant hospital as soon as yesterday or today to get the ball rolling in that direction.  Around six another doctor came in and said “he’ll definitely still be in this facility through Wednesday.”  WTF?  Here we thought we were stepping in the right direction and we seem to be in a holding pattern.  Tony is tired, frustrated to say the very least.  I can’t even begin to imagine what he is going through right now.  He’s had more surgeries in his lifetime than anyone I’ve ever known.  Now that we have a plan he wants to go full throttle – but I am not sure how fast this process is going to be, and that’s likely to get him more frustrated.  It breaks my heart to see him like that.

I ended up heating up more chili – this time balancing it on the ledge beside Tony’s bed while my phone is charging.  I should start charging you guys money for all these awesome food photography tips – ha!

tortilla 016

I did manage to get all my steps in too!

tortilla 018

So now we wait and see what today brings us.  Again all your support has been amazeballs!   I literally couldn’t keep it together if it wasn’t for you guys, and for that, I am eternally grateful.  Make it a great day!