My Dad used to always joke that somehow when he was driving by Dunkin Donuts, somehow an apple fritter jumped into his car and made it’s way home to our house.  Huh!  My Dad was also insulin dependent diabetic, and I believe pretty much every food he ate was “insulin worthy” but none more than an apple fritter.   Well, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, because given the chance to pick anything at Dunkin Donuts, I would pick the apple fritter hands down every time.  Well, a Boston cream stuffed donut comes in a very close second.  Guess how many calories and carbs are in an apple fritter from DD?  410 with 60 grams of carbs.  Holy balls.

So when I was strolling through Pinterest last week and saw these apple fritter bites, I was sold.  I literally went to bed Friday night and said “I am turning on the deep fryer as soon as I wake up to make these!”  The only thing I did differently was reduce the glaze by half – half was plenty!  It ended up 24 balls – each one is 71 calories and 12 grams of carbs each.  And two hit the spot!  Fuji apples are my apple of choice in pretty much any apple recipe – they hold their shape and are the perfect sweet/tart combo.

fritter 003

bahn mi 056

And then I went crazy on picmonkey!

fritter 006 - pic 2

But here’s the deal.  They pretty much have to be eaten within a day at most.  Yesterday morning, the glaze had absorbed into the balls, and they were soft and icky tasting.  So if you make this, only fry as many as you think you’ll eat – I think the batter would hold in the fridge for several days, no problem.

Our weather was absolutely gorgeous this weekend.  Near 70, bright sunny skies.  We took advantage and sat outside Saturday night.  While I was in a t-shirt, Tony was all bundled up to enjoy his cigar.  His cigar smoking window is slowly coming to a close this fall.  I love this picture of him.   I know he’s thinking, why is she taking another picture of me!  Well, because I love you, that’s why.

WE10.25 011 0 b ^ w

I enjoyed a glass of wine – classed my box wine up by putting it in a wine glass.  I like the reflection of the trees in the second picture too.

WE10.25 018

WE10.25 006

WE10.25 003

It was already dark by the time we ate – I made a grilled turkey breast with baked potatoes on the side.  Delish!

I received a box of Cabot cheese over the weekend because I am on the “Cheese Board” for Cabot cheese.  I was shocked when I opened the box to find 100 INDIVIDUAL PACKAGES OF CHEESE!

WE10.25 004

Well, it’s supposed to be handed out for trick or treating.  I feel bad though because of where we live, we get ZERO trick or treaters.  It makes me so sad because I love Halloween.  But I will just be generous to family and friends – I brought two big ziploc bags to my Mom and sister yesterday.

I met up with my sister for my Mom’s concert – she sings with Sing To Live Community Chorus and this is one of their two concerts of the year.   It’s was a wonderful performance as always – they did songs of the 70s and it was wonderful.  The arrangements are always very unique.  While there are probably 80-90 people in the chorus, they had smaller ensembles perform – this group of women are all breast cancer survivors and they performed “I Will Survive.”

jerber 007

photo (7)

And then afterwards, since I am Mom’s favorite, just she and I went out to eat.  She read on my blog that I had never been to a Vietnamese restaurant before, so she suggested Saigon Pho in Forest Park.  We started out with the spring rolls – I admired their wrapping technique because apparently this is a cooking skill I have yet to master.

jerber 025

And we both ended up with noodle bowls – my Mom got the chicken and fish ball one – note to self – don’t ever eat a fish ball again – it tastes like ass.  And I think my Mom tried half of one and decided that was enough!  Other than that, she loved hers.  Mine?  Beef and beef tendon pho.  I don’t actually eat the tendon, but it gives the broth an awesome flavor.  I accessorized mine with bean sprouts, jalapeno and sriracha.

jerber 028

And then I came home and Tony and I watched the series finale of Boardwalk Empire.  Although Tony had to explain the ending to me – I had forgotten who that character was – and I am being vague because I don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t seen it yet.

I have a follow up appointment this morning before work for my knee – it’s been feeling great!  I think I can push myself a bit harder this week too.  I’ve been a bit nervous to do too much for fear of injuring it, but I think I am fine now.  No WI this week because it’s well, you know, that time of the month and I never weigh myself that week.   Sorry if any men other than my husband read this blog (Hi Larry!).

It’s supposed to be 77 degrees today – a bit of Indian summer and I love it!   Happy Monday – find something to be happy about today and hang on to it – hugs!