I like making omelets in the morning because I basically set it and forget it.  I get my 6 inch skillet out, spray with Pam and then add baby spinach, ham, 1/2 ounce of cheese and pour in the egg white – about 1/2 a cup.  Then I just put a lid on it over medium low heat and go about getting ready for work.  No tilting the pan, etc.  After about 7-8 minutes I’ll take the lid off and see that it’s set, then just remove it to the side of the stove and I let it cool before slipping it into a ziplock bag to take to work.  Then I just nuke the bag for 1 minute and out pops my omelet – perfect every time.  I had my omelet with a high fiber English muffin and some fruit.

8.19 049

I must have gotten distracted, because when I went to test my blood sugar before working out – it was so high!  I must have forgotten to take my insulin with breakfast.  Doh.  It was actually 11:35 – the clock on my meter only is correct six months out of the year – I have no idea how to fix it.  At least the date is right!

8.19 050

I ended up giving myself 5 units of fast acting insulin, and then hit the gym.  More squats!  This time each squat was 10 reps, so 40 squats in total.  Although when I think about it, it’s more like 60 squats because two exercises you alternate legs.  Whew!  Then finished up with my treadmill sprints – this time I increased my minute sprint each 5 minutes – 4 minutes at 4.0 then 1.0 sprinting – my last sprint was at 8.1 mph! Open-mouthed smile

8.19 051

Over the weekend when I was getting the steak and shrimp for my Mom’s dinner on Sunday at The Fresh Market, I happened to walk by their prepared foods and actually stopped in my tracks when I saw this broccoli slaw, kale, cranberry and almond salad.  Huh.  I bought 1/3 of a cup container and it only cost $2.07.  I couldn’t buy the ingredients to make it.  Well, I was a bit nervous about the kale.  I am not a huge fan, but I thought maybe raw in this salad would be okay?

8.19 002

The verdict?  It was delicious!  Super crunchy, the dressing wasn’t overly sweet.  And I could only eat half of it after eating the rest of my tasting plate.

Believe it or not people, I did not meal plan this week.  I know! I spent $43 at Heinens with my Mom and Sunday and thought with stuff I have at home I can be creative.   I had defrosted two chicken thighs, thinking Tony might like some grilled chicken, but in the end, a baked potato was the only thing that appealed to him.  So I got my thinking cap on.  What am I going to fix myself with one chicken thigh?  I somehow thought of a pita sandwich, but I didn’t have any pita bread.  Thanks google!  I found this recipe and it couldn’t be easy enough.  I do add olive oil to my pan though.


8.19 060

8.19 061

8.19 066

8.19 043

I love the nice puffy edges:

8.19 044

I ended up making myself a grilled buffalo chicken pita with baby spinach and fat free ranch and Frank’s hot sauce.

8.19 020

This pita was so good – soft in the middle with just a bit of crunch on the outside.  Love the nutritional stats too – www.caloriecount.com gives this an A-!

While I made the first one, then made dinner and came back after dinner to cook up the rest, I did notice that after the dough rested for 20 minutes, I got more bubbles than the first one – so I guess you could let the dough rest a bit if you wanted to.

Then after watching the Chicago Little League team make it to the next round, it was time to get Insane!  Holy balls I forgot how hard the cardio power and resistance was and how much I am not a fan of jump squats!  But, I did about 95% of the routine, which is pretty good.  I was schweaty  – even my arms were dripping with sweat!

8.19 069

8.19 074

And with that workout, I was an overachiever!

8.19 075

So Day 2 of pretty much staying on track was a success.  Oh, and no wine for me last night either – woop!

I have too much going on this morning – I have a batch of granola in the oven, putting stuff together to make a huge ass taco salad for lunch and making a breakfast with one of the pitas.  Oh, and I have just 15 minutes to get out the door – ha!

Make it a great day!  Oh, and only 3 days left to vote for my recipe – thank you!