I think I am getting into an egg rut for breakfast.  I don’t like overly sweet breakfasts, except for an occasional scone – loves scones – Tony thinks they taste like ass.  I need to make my pumpkin scones again soon!


I submitted this picture to Tastespotting and Foodgawker last year – they both said “poor food composition, underexposed, not sharp.”  Phooey – they taste amazing!

So I give you another egg breakfast – breakfast tacos with 1 egg, 1/2 cup egg white, 1 oz. Canadian bacon, 1/2 ounce of cheese, baby spinach and some delicious strawberries on the side.  Is fall and winter the season for strawberries?  Breakfast comes in at 394 calories, 15 fat, 41 carbs, 4.5 fiber and 30 protein.

rbr 003

I have a project going on at work, and didn’t think that I would even be able to work out at lunch.  My co-worker that joined they gym with me?  He’s one of the attorneys in my office.  His last name is Fish – I’ve worked with him for 7 years now, and somewhere along the lines I just started calling him by his last name. 

He talked my boss into letting me go – go Fish! Open-mouthed smile  One thing about Fish though.  He’s a runner.  A good runner.  As in 7:30 mile runner.  His parents ran marathons for goodness sakes!

He’s coming off an injury, so his pace to start out was 6.0 mph.  I did my usual 5 minute warm up and then decided to see how long I could run without stopping at that pace.  The answer?  10 minutes!  Which is pretty good if you ask me!  So I ended up running as fast as a Fish!

I ended up going back and forth between running (well, jogging!) and walking at an incline for 35 minutes, for a total mileage of  . . . .


Then I did 10 minutes of abs – 5 minutes on the ball and 5 minutes on the medicine ball. 

Veronica thinks I need some sort of intervention I’ve had this lasagna soup so many times.  This time I sprinkled in about a tablespoon of shredded cheddar cheese.  This filling bowl comes in at 411 calories, 21 fat, 35 carbs, 3.6 fiber and 20 protein.

rbr 005

My choice for dinner to Tony?  Garlic chicken thighs, skinny pork chops (both of which I was going to make with mashed potatoes) but then Tony sort of said under his breath “skinny pork chops with red beans and rice?”

We use our rice maker to make the red beans and rice.  When it went to “cool” I pan fried our pork chops – bone in, probably about 5.5 ounces with the meat.  Just a little salt and pepper – although I have to tell you – Tony is my taste tester and almost always says “needs more salt” when I have him taste something.  Now I am almost over salting everything – gah!   Dinner comes in at 407 calories, 12 fat, 40 carbs, 4 fiber and 32 protein.

rbr 015

And just in case you are wondering if you have a DSLR camera like mine that every picture you take will be amazeballs?  Um, of the four pictures I took of my dinner plate, this was the best one:

rbr 016

This picture actually makes me laugh out loud when I look at it!  I have no idea what setting I even had on it!

And for Alex, here is a picture of our sweet dog Ed.  One of his favorite things is to lay outside with us when we grill.


Sadly, as much as I want him to be my lap dog, he only wants to be NEAR us, not touch us.  I’ve tried over the years to get him to sit with me on the couch, but no such luck.

Stats for the Day:

  • 1212 calories (no snacking today!) 49 fat, 116 carbs, 13 fiber and 73 protein
  • 2.32 miles on treadmill, 10 minutes of abs
  • 106.62 miles left on my 170 mile challenge
  • average blood sugar 148

I have to get into work early for my project – hopefully I’ll get to work out at lunch today and that the Expresso bike is open. Open-mouthed smile  Make it a great day!