Last Saturday I woke up and had a taste for pancakes.  I don’t normally crave sweet breakfasts, but I got to town on making pancakes.  I decided not to add any added fat to the pancakes – most recipes called for oil or melted butter to the batter.  Guess what?  I didn’t even miss it!  I made my batter and let it sit on the counter for 30 minutes to let the baking powder do it’s magic – you’ll get fluffy pancakes every time.

papa day 017

I used my 1/3 measuring cup for the batter and got 20 pancakes out of this batter.  Each pancake comes in at 92 calories, .6 fat, 18.6 carbs, .6 fiber and 3.2 protein.


I added raspberries and strawberries to my pancakes, with a couple pieces of cooked bacon.  This was super filling!

6.19 002

Yesterday was a shoulder day for working out.  I am happy to report that finally today my legs are not sore anymore from Tuesday’s leg work.  Seriously I was having problems standing up if I had been sitting for a while, that’s how sore my legs were!   It took me 25 minutes to complete the routine – new exercise to me?  The reverse fly machine – never used that piece of equipment before!


I only had time to run/walk 1.5 miles before having to get back to work.  I am proud to say that I used a 20 pound dumbbell for the incline bench press!

6.19 037

6.19 036

And me wearing my Helen Keller glasses – so happy to be able to wear my contacts today!

6.19 040

Lunch was a picky plate.  The last of the shrimp cocktail, a piece of pepperoni focaccia bread (my store sells it for .99 cents!), carrots and cucumbers dipped into Annie’s goddess dressing and apple and grapes for dessert.

6.19 010

6.19 041

The afternoon dragged on and it was finally time to come home.  One of the things I love about summer?  Tony waiting for me to come home and we sit outside for an hour or so.  He had a glass of wine waiting for me while he enjoyed his cigar.  I can’t tell, but I think he may be sick of me taking his picture!

6.19 047

6.19 049

While we were sitting outside, my sister sent me this picture – I have to laugh because my brother and sister can’t do any meat off the bone – I’ve had grilled turkey legs and they are delicious!

6.19 045

I was going to make homemade pita bread for gyros sandwiches, but completely forgot I defrosted pork chops.  So while Tony and I sat outside, I put a pan of red potatoes on the stove to cook so I could finish them off on the grill.  Tony’s plane jane pork chops – just sprinkled with a touch of garlic salt.

6.19 022

6.19 028

6.19 051

It was pretty stormy last night:

6.19 001

And I nearly got all my steps in!

6.19 003

I have another Friday night off from the restaurant, and I just got next weeks schedule and I am only on Saturday night again.  Hard to make money at a part time job when you only work 4 days a month!   I may look for something else when we get back from the Mayo Clinic.  Until then, I’ll enjoy my Friday nights with Tony!

Off to put my food together – I hardly ever meal plan for Friday, so this should be interesting!  Make it a great day – Happy Friday!