It’s been a while since I made a breakfast pizza.  I got to work early so I could have it fresh out of the oven – can I just say again how lucky I am to have a full kitchen at my office??!!

Only one problem.  I didn’t bring any cheese!  I improvised – there was reduced fat cream cheese in our work fridge left over from a bagel breakfast.  So my pizza was: 4 ounce dough, 1/4 cup pizza sauce, 2 turkey sausages, red pepper, 2 tablespoons reduced fat cream cheese, and then when it came out of the oven, I sprinkled some of the bruchetta leftover from our Italian sliders dinner.

I absolutely love our oven at work – it has a convection oven and when I finished the pizza off straight on the rack, I was rewarded with a crispy crust:

I ate the whole thing 😀  506 calories, 70 carbs, 24 protein, 13.9 fat and 3 fiber.

Hannah picked me up for lunch so we could hit up some garage sales.  They were a bust, mostly kids clothes and kids selling lemonade.  We picked up hot dogs and tots.  My dog – mustard and hot peppers, Hannah eats hers plain.  I ate 10 tater tots 😀

So dinner tonight was inspired by a show Tony watched on t.v. – Steven Raichlen’s BBQ University.  This guy grills everything!  In the episode Tony watched, he made a bacon and potato pizza with parmesan and mozzarella cheese with fresh herbs.  We were very close on this, but I think our main problem was that our coals were a bit too hot, so the edges got a little singed.  And because it just had olive oil brushed on the dough, it was a bit dry, but we will definitely try this one again – maybe with a white sauce as a base?

I also didn’t make his pizza dough recipe, because it needs to rest for a couple hours.  He adds sugar and cornmeal to the crust which I definitely need to try.

I cooked the bacon and potato on our cast iron skillet:

the potato was already cooked, so once the bacon was browned, I just tossed in the potatoes to get them crispy - the fire was so hot and this was such a quick process, no pictures!

And we agreed it could have had more mozzarella cheese.  This one is worth repeating though!   I ate 1/4 of the pizza:  495 calories, 57 carbs, 27 protein, 19,5 fat and 4.5 fiber.

I did not exercise at all yesterday, so I need to do a tape today.  I have lots of cooking to do today – my mother-in-law is hosting a family reunion in Wisconsin, and Tony and I are prepping food for everyone’s arrival tomorrow.  On the menu: tequila lime chicken wings, Italian sausage in au jus and green peppers, homemade baked beans, cold cut tray, veggie tray with dip, fruit salad – let’s hope it isn’t too hot today!

Stats for Friday:

  • 1351 calories, 158 carbs, 61 protein, 54 fat and10 fiber
  • no exercise

Enjoy your Saturday!  Don’t forget to email me your Week 7 stats for the 101 Days of Summer Challenge 😀