One of the best attributes I think my husband has is that once he sets his mind to something, there is no wavering.  If we decided to do a low carb diet, there is no one in hell you could tempt him with pasta or bread.  Me?  Once you tell me I can’t have something that makes me want to have it more!  So a couple months ago when the doctors told him that he would need to be on a low protein, low sodium diet, his game face was on.  Ironically enough, even before being told that, he’d already been eating like that for a couple weeks.  His palate has changed where as once he would love a thick cup of steak or bone in pork chop, he’s happy with a little bit of roasted chicken when I make it.

His diet of late?  LOTS of fresh fruit, yogurt, cottage cheese, salads, carrots and celery dipped in ranch dressing.  Then he’ll eat a bit of whatever I make for dinner.  Let’s do a little before and after, shall we?


slim thug

And he’s down another 8 pounds since that picture was taken a couple weeks ago.

high school 042

high school 044

I am so proud of how well he is taking care of himself – I should follow his lead!  I love you babe!

Saturday we ended up running some errands and hitting up the grocery store.  Before I knew it, it was time for work.  Tony made me a giant iced coffee in the afternoon – I took it with me to work and it was gone by the time I got there – I had lots of energy!

high school 002

Work on Saturday night was steady busy – I had a 7 top of senior citizen ladies who were having such a great time.  They all wanted separate checks, they all had water, except for two women, and they sat at my table for nearly 4 hours – they had so much to catch up on!  They all got a 12-15 dollar entrée, so each of them left me a $3 tip and just oozed about how good the service was – so cute!  I had a couple bigger tab tables, so it all worked out.  Considering we weren’t slamming busy, I was happy to walk out with $150.

Tony had put together a date for us on Sunday.  Lunch at Wok n Fire and a movie at iPic – we wanted to see a million ways to die in the west.   It was such a gorgeous day!  And for the record, you really can’t have too many cloud pictures.

high school 008

I had to get a Sopporo beer on tap – it’s so good!  It was nice to sit back and relax, just what I needed after a long work week.

high school 012

If you sit in the bar area, the appetizers and regular Maki rolls are all half price.  We started with the beef yakitori and fried calamari.

high school 013

high school 014

I was perfectly content with just that, but then we decided to order lunch too – I ended up eating only 1/4 of this plate – had it been winter I would have brought the leftovers home, and now that I think of it, I am sure they could have held my leftovers and I could have picked them up after the movie – oh well!  I got the tofu curry with noodles – so flavorful spicy!

high school 015

I used a gift card that my co-worker gave me for my birthday (thanks J!)  Love a cheap date!

high school 018

The movie theater is so comfy.  We had blankets and pillows.  The chairs recline and had the movie started five minutes later, we both may have fallen asleep!   The movie was good, I am not going to say much more because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone else who wants to see it.

We got home around 5 and we were both still so full from lunch.  We just hung outside, listened to music and enjoyed each others company.  We have a birds nest in our gutter (which I hope to have replaced this summer) and we were surprised that the Papa bird was feeding his young – we didn’t know they did that!

high school 028

high school 034

high school 036

We finally came in around 7.  Still neither of us hungry so we watched the Black Hawks lose their bid into the Stanley Cup finals.  We aren’t really even Hawks fans, but it was exciting to watch.   It was the perfect Sunday day off for me!

This week my daughter Hannah is in management training for Panera.  It’s a one month process where basically she has to do every job.  Last night she had to be at work at midnight and her shift doesn’t end until 8:00 a.m. this morning – three days this week she’ll have the schedule of a baker!  I am actually a tad jealous that she’ll be around all that bread dough!  Not jealous of the working hours though!

My gym clothes are washed, but I need to pack my bag.  I forgot to wear my fit bit yesterday, but pretty sure I wouldn’t have broken 2000 steps.  Gotta love a rest day.  Happy Monday – what was the highlight of your weekend?  Make it a great day!