It was nice having a leisurely morning, because we didn’t have to leave for my doctor appointment until 45 minutes later than I usually leave for work.  I ended up making a spinach, egg beater, ham and Swiss cheese breakfast muffin.

fish taco 004

We got to the appointment a few minutes early – Tony was happy to see Highlights Magazine!  We both grew up reading it at the dentist office, and I think we even subscribed to it for a while when my Mom sold magazine subscriptions as a part time job.  Tony’s favorite parts:  Goofus and Gallant cartoon and searching for the missing items.  We both hated it when  a kid circled all the items before we had a chance to look for them.



fish taco 018

So the doctor took one look at my toe and said “yep, that’s an infected ingrown toenail!”  Luckily it was a topical infection, no need to take antibiotics, but I had this soft tissue that had built up on the side of my toe that was so sensitive, I couldn’t even put a sheet on my toe the night before last.  He said he would have to cut the nail on one side all the way down, and then remove that sensitive tissue.  Luckily I was completely numbed up for it with a shot of Novocain to my toe.  He waited 5 minutes and that’s all it took.  Tony and I like to joke around with doctors, and this guy got our sense of humor right away.  We liked him even though he was a Cubs fan!  At one point he asked his nurse to bring in the tissue clippers, and Tony said “that’s weird, that used to be my stripper name!”

It took all of 5 minutes, then he wrapped it up and we were good to go.  I go next week to make sure it’s healing properly.  I was feeling fine until the Novocain started to wear off – then it kind of hurt most of the afternoon.  I’d be fine and then all of a sudden I’d get a sudden burst of pain.  This morning it’s still sore, but not nearly as bad as it felt before – so each day will get a little better.  On a good note, he said I had great circulation in both feet – that’s because I take control of my diabetes.   Thanks for coming with me to the doctor Tony!

fish taco 020

I was busy right when I got to work and finally put my lunch together around 1:30 – the last of my Taiwan Beef noodle soup from Saturday – that $8.95 soup was good for three meals!  I noticed yesterday though that there wasn’t much meat left, so I cooked up some steak and zucchini and added that to my noodles – I also added about 3/4 of a cup of chicken broth to make it more of a soup than a noodle dish.  A hit of sriracha and I was good to go.

fish taco 009

I had fish tacos on the menu last night – even though Tony only thinks of having them during lent.  They were super easy and I didn’t feel like being on my feet for too long.  I had 4 fish tacos on my low carb tortilla with red cabbage, lettuce, my baja fresh salsa and a bit of sour cream.  On the side I made super creamy stovetop refried beans and had a few chips.

fish taco 012

I saw Kyle out after dinner – it looks like she has a sore on her and some missing fur.  Tony said that the mean squirrel attacks Kyle when she tries to get the peanuts.  Poor thing!

fish taco 002

And even though I was trying to stay off my feet, still managed some decent steps!

fish taco 004

I have to get bizzy – I haven’t put together any of my food for the day – I have some apples cooking up to make a caramel apple parfait for breakfast – yum!  Not sure what I am fixing for lunch – I think this may be another “throw shit in a bag and see what sticks!”

Thanks for your concern about my toe – I appreciate it.  Make it a great day!