I made some more of my super thin, but tasty, lemon poppy seed pancakes.  After I cooked the pancakes I put in two sausage patties and put a lid on the pan and jumped in the shower quickly.  I must have had the heat on too high, because as soon as I stepped out of the shower I could smell them!  Do one side was let’s just say shall we “well done.”

$20 001

Work was busy in the morning and I finally texted Tony later in the morning to tell him I was busy.  His response?  Stop complaining!

$20 003

We somehow missed an attorneys birthday that was the day after Good Friday.  I am usually pretty good about remembering birthdays, so we got a card for everyone to sign and I asked him what kind of treats he wanted.  He said he was actually happy that we forgot because he doesn’t like the attention, so that I didn’t have to get anything.  Well, the other attorneys and staff were a bit bummed on the thought of not having treats when we have an excuse, so I was told by the named partner to get some treats.  You don’t really need to give me an excuse to go to Mariano’s!

$20 004

I have been craving a huge ass salad all week – I had so much stuff in there it was a $6 salad, but so worth it.  I usually have light ranch at the office, but I was out, so I ended up buying my favorite dressing – I don’t normally buy it because in the grocery stores near my house this dressing costs $4.99 – at Mariano’s?  $2,99!  Sold.

$20 005

Whenever I go to Mariano’s. I buy Tony a vodka that he likes there – Seagram’s and it’s only $16 a bottle.  I then sent him this text.  Aren’t you excited you got two episodes of Texting with Tony in this post?!

$20 006

Before I knew it, it was time to head to the restaurant.  After not being there since last Friday, I was ready to hit the ground running.   Do you think I have enough pens in my apron? Open-mouthed smile

$20 011

We have made mention to the managers that the seating sometimes isn’t fair.  I’ve worked some nights where other servers are on their fifth table before I even get my first table.  It sucks to rush from one job to the next, only to stand around until 6:30 before you get your first table.  New rules!  They were going to seat by station – just go on down the line until everyone is sat.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

Only one tiny problem with that idea.  I had a 10 top to being with, that actually turned out to be 7 people.  No problem!  It was a widow/widowers group, and I believe the average age was 80.  Not many of them could hear, so I had to individually tell each person the specials.  They were a very sweet group and you could tell they had been friends for a long time.  So I see I am about to get my second table, but they don’t want my section, and they get moved to another servers section.  No big, I figure I’ll get the next one.  Nope, missed that rotation and it happened a second time.  I still only had my 7 top and they all wanted separate checks, and only one person had a cocktail, the rest was water.  Around 7:15 I see that there are only a handful of reservations to go, and I tell the manager I only had one table and I’d like to be cut after they leave because at that point it wasn’t worth my time.   I left with $20 in my pocket, so I am going to pop some tags later.

He was super apologetic, and didn’t realize that glitch in his new method of seating.  I didn’t complain, just said I was disappointed and left work by 8:00.   I forgot to tell you that for some reason, I wasn’t scheduled at the bar last night – it was scratched out and said “floor.”  Sweet!

So I was home by 8:45, in comfy clothes by 8:46 and eating leftover calzone and having a glass of wine at 8:47.

$20 020

We went to bed by 11:30 so when I woke up at 8:30 this morning, I feel totally rested instead of dead ass tired – winning!  I definitely need to deep clean my fridge, it’s been a few weeks.  Meal planning is going to happen, I plan on incorporating more veggies this week – maybe even an all vegetarian lunch menu next week?   I know I am definitely going to be having these black bean tostadas with cilantro cream sauce – yum!

What’s on your menu next week?  Time to get my second cup of coffee and get bizzy – make it a great day!