It’s funny, but on weekends when there is a holiday, my grocery shopping usually is focused just on the holiday meal.  Since I had last Friday off from my day job, I decided to grocery shop for Easter that day and figured I’d go to the store again on Sunday to shop for the week.  But as I was shopping I was like “duh, Sunday is Easter – you aren’t going grocery shopping on Easter!”  So I mentally meal planned and just threw shit into my shopping cart.  Um, it would have been nice to actually write down my plan as I was doing it, but that would be too smart!

So I’ve basically been making it up as I’ve gone along this week.  So far so good!  I ended up making lemon poppy seed pancakes for breakfast yesterday.  I loosely based it off of Tieghan’s lemon baklava pancakes, but somehow, mine didn’t turn out as thick or as pretty as hers.  These are her pancakes:


These are mine:

bod 012

Maybe they were so thin because I made the batter the night before?  I don’t know, but I am going to try these again and post the recipe when they turn out better.  They were tasty though!  I had 3 ounces of steak on the side for protein.

For some reason lately my shoulders have been killing me.  Like I have no range of motion and it hurts both of them if I try to raise them above my head.  I haven’t been doing any strenuous strength training so I have no idea what’s going on.  I do know that if I take ibuprofen it helps.  So I decided to hit the pool at lunch and that felt really good.  And Kym, the pool was empty too!

bod 002

30 minutes later and my shoulders weren’t as sore.  Now I just need to get a hot tub!

So as I was putting my food together yesterday, it really was another episode of “throw shit in a bag and figure it out later.”   Into the bag went:  cooked ground beef, a bag of leftover canned black beans, half a red pepper, shredded cheese, sour cream, low carb tortillas, some of my baja fresh salsa.   I would just figure it out when the time came.  As I was swimming I thought “I could make a burrito in my panini maker!” 

bod 014

bod 018

This was delicious.  And the best part?  That plate comes in at 433 calories and a whopping 17.5 grams of fiber!   The afternoon of work went by fast and as I was driving home I couldn’t think what I had planned for dinner.  I knew I still had cube steak, but didn’t really feel like it, and was trying to think what else I could make when Tony suggested going out to dinner.  Done!  We went to our local Italian restaurant and had a couple Boddington Beers.   I should really their spokesperson!

bod 008

I ended up getting a stromboli – a flakey baked pizza with sausage and pepperoni and hot giardiniera – it’s so filling I only at 1/3 of it.  And I love the owners marinara sauce.  I told him how much I liked it and he asked if I had tried his meat sauce, which I hadn’t, so he brought us out some bread and sauce to try.  It was delicious, but I still prefer the good old marinara sauce.

bod 009

I’ll probably have Tony heat up some of it tonight after my shift at the restaurant.  Today is going to be a long day.  I am working a double and tonight I am working in the bar – so I won’t be home probably until 1:00 a.m. at the earliest – it’s only a 17 hour work day – no big!   Since I swam at lunch I didn’t make my steps:

bod 001

Guess who I became Fitbit friends with yesterday?  My 69 year old Aunt!  We just discovered that we each have one.  Well guess what?  She’s kicking my ass!  She sent me a text yesterday that the day before she had 17,000 steps!  Damn!

Alright, time to get the show on the road – I am still making more pancakes for breakfast since I have the batter.  I will probably walk 30 minutes around my office at lunch time to get away from my desk – I don’t like to do too much on a double work day.  And I think I am going to hit up Mariano’s salad bar for lunch.  I have to buy Diet Coke for the office – I only had 5 cans to stock it yesterday and people start to panic when there isn’t any Diet Coke in the fridge!

Make it a great day!