Without eating dinner the night before, I was HANGRY when I woke up.  I ended up eating a giant copycat granola bar – I seem to never cut them all the same size, and my last row I had two giant ones – probably 400 calories each, but that’s all I ate for breakfast.  That’s the last bite – I ate the whole thing in the car ride to work.

gal 002

I have to say that since we are down one secretary in the office, I am loving being busy again at work.  So much better than sitting at my desk making scratch pads out of printer paper that people print and never pick up.

Before I knew it, it was time to work out.  Since I knew I would be working last night, I ended up just walking for 30 minutes at 8% incline and 4.0 mph.

gal 003

gal 004

I thought I had the rest of my potato soup in the work fridge, but realized I must have brought it home.  Doh!  So I picked up Jimmy John’s – I always get the Vito with no tomato or onion – extra cherry peppers!  I also bought two loaves of their day old bread for .50 each.  I plan on making garlic crostini – so good – and delicious with Merkt’s Port Wine Cheese!



When I got back to my desk, the mail came.  I’ve been waiting for this to come in the mail.  We have a local counsel that actually sends this to us every year for Easter.  He does all the drawings himself!

gal 005

I think anyone can have any religious belief they want, but I just find this odd to send this to a business establishment.  He sends another card just as creepy at Christmas time.

I switched into my work shirt, got to work only to realize that they had FIVE servers on the floor with only 3 reservations.  Really?  So I took a menu test (aced it!) and then told the manager that I was cutting myself.  He was fine with that!  I called Tony and I told him I hadn’t planned anything for dinner, so we decided we would meet up at our local restaurant for a couple beers and pizza.  Here was my happy face getting back in the car and coming home!

gal 006

Although with the traffic it took me nearly an hour to get there.  So this was just perfect to get this beer within a minute of walking in the door!

gal 007

We ended up ordering an appetizer – something I’ve never had before – fried artichoke hearts!  They were good – and I LOVE the marinara sauce at this restaurant – I think I ate nearly all of it.

gal 008

We ended up bringing the pizza home and catching up on the DVR. 

gal 015

Well, that is until someone, I am not going to name names (Tony!) fell asleep.  With the remote in his hand.  No worries though!  Did you know that if you have AT&T Uverse you can add an app on your phone and it acts just like a remote.  I can change channels, pull stuff off our DVR – it’s awesome!  I can also watch any live show on the app too.

gal 013

gal 016

gal 017

We have unlimited everything with our phones, so I don’t know how much data it would take up if you use it – but its nice to have.  Especially if I am at the gym and use a piece of equipment that doesn’t have a t.v. attached to it, I can just watch t.v. on my phone.

Sadly, I didn’t realize how close I was to 10,000 steps before going to bed last night – so close!  Had I looked I would have done a couple laps around the house!

gal 014

I have today off from my day job.  Tony and I plan to do our grocery shopping for Easter Sunday.  I work tonight, but then am off on Saturday night!  I am meeting Hannah at noon at Wok n Fire and then we are going to go thrifting.  I haven’t seen her in over a month – way too long!   I won’t be blogging again until Monday – so have a wonderful weekend!