I woke up yesterday to thunderstorms and 37 degree weather.  This morning?  Foggy and 40.  I need some Vitamin D!  I never thought I was one of those people who got cranky without some sunlight, but this winter is sure taking a toll on me and Tony.

Breakfast was another piece of Chobani quiche with an apple on the side.

tortilla 002

I had every intention of hitting up the pool at lunch, but when I went to check my blood sugar, it was 109.  Perfect, but not high enough for me to work out.  So I went to Mariano’s to accessorize my lunch.  I had refried beans and leftover jerk chicken so I needed to pick up some tortillas to make tacos for lunch.  Of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to Mariano’s without checking out the cheese!

tortilla 004

I picked up lunch for one of my co-workers – check out this sandwich!

tortilla 005

I ended up picking up these new to me tortillas.  I’ve never not liked a LaTortilla Factory tortilla.  These are only 50 calories each and 4 grams of fiber – and they are a generous size too!  Check out their recipe for Jamaican jerk chicken tacos – don’t these look amazing?!


tortilla 006

My tacos:  2 mini mutli-bran tortillas, 4 ounces of leftover jerk chicken, 1/4 cup stovetop refried beans, shredded carrot, cabbage and lettuce, Cabot chipotle cheese and my baja fresh salsa on top.

tortilla 013

Yummers!  I LOVED these tortillas – they held together nicely and had a nice chew to them.  Next time I’ll try making them into burritos and using them on the panini maker at work. 

I called the restaurant around 4:15 to see how busy it was to see if I even needed to go in.  Only the hostess was there, none of the managers yet, so she couldn’t make the call.  When I got there I saw there was a party in the back, but it was buffet and only one server was assigned to it.  Then I looked at the books FIVE RESERVATIONS and we had FOUR servers, two of which were full time servers.  Once the manager got in about 20 minutes into my shift, I told him he should cut me so the full timers could make some money.  He agreed!  And just like that I was on my way home!

Only one problem.  I had nothing planned for dinner.  Tony usually makes himself pasta, or something like that.  I realized I needed to get gas in my car, so when Tony said “how about picking up a pizza” I didn’t have to think twice!  It was nice hanging out with Tony too! Open-mouthed smile

Sausage and black olive pizza – I had one more plate like this – I asked for a side of hot giardiniera – so flipping spicy and good!  No squirrel sightings – thank you very much!

tortilla 008

So I have felt a bit uninspiring lately.  Last summer from June to December I was ON.  I made each day count, ditched the wine during the week, was exercising 60-90 minutes a day.  But lately I have just been out of it.  I feel like I am almost waiting for something but I have no idea what.   When I was getting an insulin pen needle out of my diabetes bag yesterday, I reached into the bottom and found this note.  It’s from Hannah and it’s probably been in there for a few years!  I had forgotten I put it in there, but it was just the pick me up I needed.

tortilla 003

So I am done waiting for things to happen, I just have to start making them happen.  I need to update my Healthy for 2014 page on Facebook, and actually have something positive to write about.  Who’s with me?

Since I didn’t work out at lunch and didn’t walk the restaurant floors, I didn’t make my 10,000 steps, but not bad for having a desk job!

tortilla 017

Stats for the Day:

  • 1420 calories, 147 carbs, 91 protein, 60 fat and 33 fiber
  • 36% of calories from fat, 27% from protein and 39% from carbs
  • no exercise
  • average blood sugar 111

Happy Friday!  Hope it’s busy at the restaurant tonight – big bucks, no whammies!  Make it a great day!