It was nice having Thursday and Friday off from my day job.  I slept in, we didn’t have to be anywhere in particular except for dinner with my daughter in law Thursday night.  It was just the rest and relaxation I needed.  But, this week is back to reality.  I work Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week at the restaurant.  On Saturday night, I thought I was working the bar, and the start time is usually at 6, not 5.  I was almost there when the manager called and asked if I was okay.  I said I was almost there and she said “your shift started at 5.”  Doh!  So I was put in the back room again – she had to give away my section in the front dining room, and since there was a private party in the back room until 7, I only got 4 tables all night.  It’s my own fault – oh well!  Note to self – double check the schedule!

Saturday morning we had a his/hers brunch.  It’s really breakfast, but we didn’t eat it until nearly noon.  Tony had lox and bagels (ew) and I made a hash with leftover filet mignon, crash hot potatoes, baby spinach and Cabot cheese.

tony 1001

tony 1002

tony 1003

Yesterday morning, Tony made me his famous tater tot breakfast – a layer of tater tots on the bottom of a cast iron skillet, then two eggs, some cheese and lots of hot sauce, then flips it out onto the plate tater tot side up.  Holy shizz people – this is amazing – crunchy topping, super creamy cheesy eggs in the middle.  I ate every bite!

tony 473

We actually had a nice day out – it was probably just over 50 degrees with the sun shining.  I realized I had tomatoes in the downstairs fridge I never made salsa with, so I had to use them or lose them.  I made a quart and a half of my baja fresh salsa.

tony 1004

I hadn’t gotten all my steps in on my fitbit (on Saturday I got 10,200!) so I headed out for a walk – it was so nice being outside!   You can see the Fox River is all melted, but the channel still has some ice in it – hopefully it will all be melted in the next couple of weeks so it will actually feel AND look like spring.

PicMonkey Collage walk

I ended up just shy of 10,000 steps – I think I was 700 short – not bad for a Sunday!   I had a steak marinating for dinner using my best steak marinade ever.   Tony and I sat outside and had a glass of wine while the grill got up to temperature – except he kept getting freaked out by the squirrels who were visiting!  At one point he even was holding onto the shovel just in case for protection.

tony 1022

I made his and her twice baked potatoes on the side – Tony had American cheese, I had more of the extra sharp Cabot cheddar.

tony 1033

tony 1036

Perfect medium rare – so flavorful and tender.   Later in the night, Tony texted his son that he was freaked out by the squirrels, so I took a screed shot of a snap chat he sent to his Dad, showing him petting a squirrel on t.v. – so funny!

tony 533

Well, it’s time to get this show on the road.  My gym is actually closed this week for remodeling – they are getting all new equipment too.  The pool is open and I brought stuff to change into in case I wanted to take a walk at lunch outside – we should have temps in the 50s again today!

Happy Monday – make it a great day!