After my lazy day on Thursday, I knew I had to get my ass in gear yesterday.  I had a granola bar earlier in the morning and that was all the fuel I needed to do T-25.  I LVOVE T-25.  Even though it’s non-stop, before you know it you look down at the count down and you are already half way done.  Yesterday I did dynamic core – I was able to do about 90% of it.

covers 530

I’ll give you a nice boob shot.  You’re welcome.

covers 533

The darker pink tank I am wearing under my pink sports bra is awesome.  It’s Nux brand, and I was given it a couple years ago from a company to review that then went out of business before I even got a chance to review it!   I love it because it holds the muffin top in place when I work out and it’s super comfy.

Since it is Lent and Tony can’t eat meat on Friday’s, before heading to Trader Joe’s we went to Kobe East – a sushi place.

covers 535

I normally get their bento boxes – it comes with tempura, fried rice, a California roll, teriyaki steak and soup and salad – all for $11.95.  But I didn’t want anything fried, so I went with a “pan noodle with chicken and vegetable” for $10.   Um, does this look like $10 worth of food to you?  It was tasty, but I definitely didn’t get my money’s worth.  Roz, you’ll be happy to know that Tony got sushi!

covers 536

Thanks for your suggestions on Instagram on what to buy at Trader Joe’s – and sorry to those who don’t have one near you!  This is my loot.

covers 537

I am definitely switching back to almond milk for my smoothies to get the carbs down – that brand is only 30 calories a cup and only 2 grams of carbs.  I had a gift card in my purse that I thought only had $6 on it, so we swiped that first and shockingly it was a $25 gift card so it paid for everything – score!

Since I had the day off from my day job, it was nice to have a leisurely afternoon before heading to the restaurant.  I knew I was in the dining room, but didn’t know where.  I ended up having a 5 table station in the back room – one of which was set for a table for 12 – nice!   For some reason they like to fill the front of the restaurant first before even seating anyone in the back room.  I got to work at 5 and didn’t get my first table until 6:40.  So for that first hour and forty minutes all I did was help clear tables, make cappuccino’s, set up desserts for people who needed help.

I ended up getting two deuces before my 12 top sat at 7:00.  The girl who had the station next to me?  For some reason they kept seating people in her station – a 7 top, 4 top, 4 top, 4 top, 3 top, 2 top then a 9 top!  She was most definitely in the weeds and I was thinking “why aren’t they seating anyone in my section?   I ended up having to take drink orders for her tables, explain specials, open wine, order apps for her tables.  Anyone in the restaurant business knows that it’s the hosts job to make sure that everyone has equal covers – more or less.  I went to the front where the sheet is for how many covers each server got, and after the second table, there was nothing written down.  Huh.  The manager came by and said “that’s not right – on the weekends, it’s too hard to keep track so we just wing it.”  Well, their just winging it meant that I had 16 covers (two of which were infants) to her 33 covers.  I brought it to her attention, so maybe it will even out next time.

I ended up having only the three tables, and I was on my way home by 9:30 – which is probably a good thing because tonight I am working in the bar area and that will be a long night.  I just barely got my 10,000 steps in though!

covers 538

I only had a cup of soup when I got to work and I made some garlic bread when I got home – not the healthiest eats!

Next week I work Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.  My plan is to bring my dinner to work – something that doesn’t need to be heated up like a vegetable pasta salad or something like that – do you have any suggestions?  That way I am not eating late at night and then going straight to bed.

I was in bed at midnight last night and didn’t wake up until 10:50 this morning – I kinda love that I can still sleep like a teenager at 46!  Helen, I don’t think you could ever do that!

Have any fun plans this weekend – hope it’s a good one – see you on Monday!