One thing I failed to mention about my quarterly diabetes doctor appointment, was that each and every visit, he looks over my digital chart and at some point or another says “I’d really like to see you in the 130 – 135 pound range for your height.”  He said “you seem to be hovering between the high 150s and mid 160s these past several years – I’d like to see that number a bit lower.”  

I told him I just wanted to be 5’10” tall and then it would all be fine!   I know what I need to do – the same thing I did between June and December of last year – make exercise my #1 priority ever single day.  I was reading my friend SuziCate’s blog yesterday.  The title of her blog post was called “The Edge.”  Go ahead and click on the link, I can wait.  One sentence in particular struck a chord in me:

What is it you want to do? Lose weight? Learn to sew? Write a book? Play the piano? Sing? Paint? Take photographs? Take the first step today. Do it again tomorrow. Take it a step farther the day after that and so on. You can do whatever it is you want as long as you intend to do it.

I intend to lose weight, but my actions of late are not going to get me to where I want to be.  I can’t use the excuse of working two jobs.  I have no small children, I have the time, I just need to make exercise the priority again.

Yesterday morning I had a green monster – I forgot how much I love these!  Only one tiny problem – I usually take half of the insulin when I begin to drink it, and then half when I am half way through it.  It takes me so long to drink that I took all my insulin in the beginning, when I took my blood sugar an hour later it was 294!

GM 001

GM 002

I decided to do the StairMaster again to get to my goal of 100 flights in 20 minutes.  I was sweating balls!  And Rachel, thanks for the Facebook post for this recipe – it killed!


So close!

GM 004

GM 003

GM 008

And my face was still pretty red even after a shower and back in my office parking lot!  I ended up doing a total of 30 minutes on the StairMaster including the cool down, then 10 minutes of upper body and 5 minutes of stretching.

GM 009

More lasagna soup for lunch – except I noticed yesterday that even though I used crushed tomatoes like I always use, it was a bit chunkier than I prefer.  I decided to puree the soup part with the spinach in my smoothie maker – doesn’t look to pretty but it was delish!  I’ll have the last of it for lunch today.

GM 010

My store had filet mignon on sale a week ago – I never made it so it got put in the fridge and I defrosted it yesterday while I was at work.  Check out the price!

GM 012

I made Pioneer Woman’s Crash Hot Potatoes on the side.  Super simple dinner.

GM 014

I forgot my Fit Bit yesterday!  I realized it half way to work.  I have it on my pajama pants right now so I won’t forget today when I get into my work clothes.  

This is my Friday!  I am off my day job tomorrow and Friday and just work at the restaurant Friday and Saturday night.  So if my post is late tomorrow, I’ll be sleeping in! Open-mouthed smile

Gotta get my shit together – make it a great day!