As a divorced man living alone I only had one priority, and that was my Son Joey.

I never found going to bars an effective way to meet women.

Then I discovered something called the internet. On the thing called the internet there were places where a shy lonely fella like myself could meet ladies interested in dating shy introverted men like me.

I have to admit, it was awesome. I met a ton of great and very special ladies. I also met some people that honesty was not their best policy. I once met a lady at a bar who sent me a different picture, lied about her age and had like 5 more kids than she told me about. I am not rude so I sat down to try and understand why she did this.  It turned out she was looking for someone to go with her to a couples only swingers club. After a very hot shower and solid scrub I was able to get over that one.

Online dating was a tricky business. I learned that when a lady described herself as Rubenesque,  she was really big. I found that some sites were better than others. At that time there was a free dating site called Love@AOL.  I met a LOT of wonderful people there. I had a funny but honest email that I would send, and had a pretty good response rate. If I am being honest it was a great way for a lonely shy guy like me to have a lot of intimate relations with a lot very nice ladies.

I remember the first time I saw Biz’s posting. She had what looked like a JC Penny’s photo department picture. She looked so beautiful, and nice…and innocent. I sent her the email; I have to admit I never expected a response. She, to me looked like Sister Bertrille  (Mkay This is a very dated reference to a TV show that ran from 67 to 70 called The Flying Nun, starring Sally Field sorry younger readers) .  Her face is to this day the most beautiful face I have ever seen. To my great surprise she responded a few days later. We emailed back and forth and eventually traded phone numbers.  We talked for hours, and she was as the picture indicated a sweet lovely lady. It was in one of the last calls before we met that she swore for the first time. Ok let me get this right, I am talking to the Flying Nun, and she just swore like a drunken sailor? Wow, count me in!

It has been what seems like forever. I can’t seem to remember a time when I wasn’t with her.  I have had countless surgeries and for me, the most important thing I need is to see that face. Once I see that I know everything is going to be fine.

I love Biz more that my huge clumsy fingers could ever write. I am truly blessed to have her in my life.

Today is her Birthday; please help me honor the best person I have ever known.

I love you Lizabeth May Alcott Difasio Digorno Velatini, I will love you till the end of time.

Happy Birthday Booger!