I sometimes have to laugh at some of the pictures I take.  It just goes to show that it doesn’t matter what kind of camera you have, it’s the user that produces stunning pictures.  Want to see my delicious breakfast tacos and cantaloupe I had for breakfast?

brisket 004

Doesn’t that look delicious?  Ha!  I follow a shit ton of people on Instagram and like some of you who read my blog and never comment, I hardly ever like most of the people I follow for some reason.  It’s like I am on the outside looking in.  This one girl Amy is an Advocare distributor like Janetha and I know Heather you did the 21 (or was it 24?) day challenge.  The other day I saw that she had a 100 flight challenge on the stair master.  Her goal was to do 100 flights in 20 minutes.  I had no idea if I could even come close to that, so I decided to give it a try.

brisket 033

brisket 034

So I’ve given myself a 30 day challenge to see if I can work up to 100 flights in 20 minutes.  I ended up doing 25 minutes all together on the stair master after a cool down, then did 15 minutes of upper body on the machines and then 5 minutes of stretching.  It was a nice 45 minute lunchtime workout.

On Sunday I was meal planning and realized I had a bag of potatoes that somehow fell to the back of the pantry and had to be used up or thrown out in a few days.  I also had broccoli that I hadn’t used from the week before so soup sounded like the most logical choice.


brisket 007

So cheezy and delicious!  Does anyone else do this?  I let my tangerine sit out for a couple hours before eating it – the skin gets really crispy and the juice of the tangerine just pops in your mouth – so good!

brisket 009

So Tony and I have been having a craving for beef brisket.  Ever since our trip to Austin last year, the moist brisket is one of the best things we ate while we were there at Rudy’s BBQ – the sausage at The Salt Lick was the best too.


I love how my step-daughter-in-law is not shy about eating!


Only one teeny tiny problem with that.  Not many grocery stores actually sell beef brisket.  Corned beef?  Yep!  So we ended up going to the butcher shop in town.  When the butcher cut off a hunk of the beef brisket and put it on the scale – at 7.5 pounds, with tax came to $60.  I know I gave a couple people on Facebook a heart attack at the thought of spending $60 on one piece of meat.  But, I have a weekly budget of $100 for food.  I went $20 over for the week, but the previous week I only spent $46 on groceries, so it all balances out in the end.

brisket 018

I ended up cutting that in half, freezing the second half for when we can finally grill outdoors again on the Weber.   I ended up using this marinade for the beef which I let marinate for 24 hours.  After going back and forth, I decided to wrap the meat in foil and bake at 250 for 4 hours.  I had Tony take the meat out and come to room temperature first.  In the middle of the afternoon he decided to add water to it.

brisket 012

brisket 016

The verdict?  The meat was very tender, but hardly had any flavor at all.  I was shocked because when I tasted the marinade the day before it was really flavorful.  We both agreed that this would have had better flavor on the grill.   And I have lots of leftovers.  This morning I am making a brisket, potato, egg white and spinach hash.  I got a bunch of great ideas when I posted a picture on Facebook:

Rachel suggested these spicy brisket nachos.

Karli recommended corned beef salad with lemon-dill dressing and braised brisket tacos.

Helen suggested a Reuben casserole.  Holla!

Do you have any suggestions with leftover brisket?  I’d love to hear them!

Today is going to be close to 50 degrees – now my back yard is just half full of snow – I am hoping it will melt the rest of it soon!

Happy 18th birthday to my nephew Paul!


Alright, time to get this how on the road – make it a great day!