Last week I was paying our phone/internet/cable bill and I thought to myself.  $250 bucks seems like a lot of money for all this!  We have AT&T U-verse.  We have basically every channel you could want, a DVR, and 3 other receivers in the house.  I jumped on line and saw all these specials for new customers and thought “what are they doing for me – a customer whose been with them since 2009?!”  So I called them up.  I said, “I don’t want to change anything that I have, but I just want to pay less money for it.  A few minutes of conversation and the guys said “I can sign you up for a “promotional” 12 month plan, everything stays the same except you will now pay $195 and I upgraded your internet speed.”  Done!  So my advice for you today – call your phone/cable company and just ask to spend less – you never know!   That’s a $660 dollar yearly savings!

A couple weeks ago I bought these mini flat breads, not really with any idea of how I was going to use them.  Duh.  Breakfast pizza!  Each one of these flatbreads is 140 calories.  I scrambled egg whites, then topped my flatbread with deli ham, the scrambled egg whites, baby spinach and cheddar cheese, then put it in the toaster oven.

just ask 001

just ask 003

I had every intention of doing T-25 at lunch.  Even though I had to work a double, I didn’t think working a Monday night would be anything like working a Friday or Saturday. I tested my blood sugar and it was 144.  Not as high as I would have liked it, so I drank an orange juice and headed to the gym.  As soon as I pulled into the parking lot, I realized I forgot the office laptop!  Oh well, I ended up doing the bike – keeping the RPMs above 100 on the random hill climb and did just under 8 miles.

just ask 011

I had leftover chicken noodle soup for lunch, and thought I should have brought a sandwich or salad to go with it.  I remembered that my gym just opened a new café, so I decided to get a salad on the side.  I got the grilled chicken chopped salad with chick peas, cucumbers, a little bit of bacon bits and an amazeball dressing – kind of a cross between a balsamic and ranch?   This was a super filling lunch.  What’s cool too is that since I pay my gym membership monthly, anything I buy just goes to my house account and I pay it at the end of the month.  I can grab a water bottle or a balance bar on my way out and they just put it on my tab – nice!

just ask 013

I had no idea what to expect when I got to work.  I’ve worked at some restaurants where Monday can be a busy night.  There were three servers on last night and when I looked at the reservation book, there was just one reservation at 7:00 for 7 people.  I got to work on my side work.  You know, the glamorous part where I get to roll 100 rolls of silverware!

just ask 020

We don’t really get stations at all, but just rotate the tables.  I was finally up at 5:45 for a 2 top.   It’s Northwest Chicago restaurant week through March 2.  Over 30 restaurants in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago are participating.  At our restaurant, for $35 you get your choice:

  • Choice of Italian Beef Eggrolls or Umbriago (which is our classic Caesar salad)
  • Choice of Zuppa de Peche or Tenderloin Tornados
  • Choice of Cannoli Cake or Chef’s Choice Gelato

I think that’s an awesome deal.  The woman did the pre-fix menu and got the zuppa de peche, which she ate every bite of.  It’s chock full of scallops, lobster, mussels and shrimp over linguine with a light tomato broth.

That’s a picture of the zuppa de peche on the left there.  Jacky, every time I see our imported meat and cheese board which is on the right, I think of you!

Well while my table was eating, it became quickly apparent that 3 servers were too many for a night like that, and since the other two servers work full time there, I decided to bow out and let them work the room and hopefully they made some money.  I ended up ordering a pizza to bring home – I get a 50% discount on food.  So after paying for my pizza, I walked with $5 and was home by 8:00!  Nice!

just ask 025

And thanks to Tony, I can swim at lunch today!  He went out and bought me new goggles.  I don’t know what it is, but the only brand of goggles that work for me are Speedo brand.  I wonder if they will make me swim any faster – ha!

just ask 022

I have breakfast tacos on the brain this morning.  I am off to get some cooking done before I have to head to work.  Let me know if you save any money on your cable/phone/internet bill!  Make it a great day!