Saturday night went much better than Friday night at the restaurant.  I only had a four table station, and picked up a couple random tables throughout the night but it was completely manageable and I think the guests got the best service from me.  And I think my service showed when I got a $100 tip on a $165 tab – nice!

After getting home late both Friday and Saturday night, and then sleeping in both mornings, not gonna lie that getting up to my alarm this morning was a bit tough.  What’s going to be even tougher is that they are expecting to be busy this week, and until they hire and train more staff, I am working doubles tonight, Wednesday and Friday.  Should be an interesting week!

Yesterday after doing the fastest grocery shop with Tony in our life – seriously we were in and out of the store within 15 minutes – we stopped at our local pizza place to get some beer and lunch.  Tony hadn’t eaten anything yet so he was hangry!  I sadly, woke up at 10:00 with low blood sugar, so I had already had a Chobani and piece of toast.  We started out with fried calamari.  I love this restaurants marinara sauce.

2.23 012

Do you like calamari?  I have to say, I never even knew what it was before I met Tony!  This had a cornmeal crust on it – very good.  Of course, it tasted even better after a couple of Boddington’s!

2.23 009

I have never had their stromboli before, so I decided to try it out.  OMG – flakey crust and of course, with the marinara dipping sauce, it was so good – I ended up barely eating half of this monster stromboli – and it was only $8.50!  I had sausage, pepperoni and pepperoncini.

2.23 014

2.23 016

I thought for sure I’d take a nap when we got home, but I got my second wind and cleaned the kitchen, mopped the kitchen floor, and then caught up with American Idol on the DVR – I am on the fence if I am going to continue to watch this season – no one is really jumping out at me just yet.   I made a simple chicken noodle soup and a 3 cheese grilled cheese sandwich.  Tony was underwhelmed with the three cheeses – what??!!

2.23 007

And when we were at the store yesterday, it was Tony who remembered to pick up some peanuts for Kyle and Lyle!  We are definitely getting closer to getting another dog – I just want to wait for the weather to get a bit nicer – the thought of having to walk a dog in sub-zero weather isn’t all that appealing to me just now.  Lyle loves nuts!  (that’s what she said).

2.23 005

2.23 006

2.23 009

I am going to bring T-25 to work to do at lunch today.   I didn’t work out at all over the weekend because I was just too tired.  I am hoping since it’s a Monday night I won’t get home at midnight tonight like I do over the weekend.  We’ll see!

Time to put my shizz together – make it a great day!