I heated up some more of my broccoli cheese breakfast muffins.  I love reheating these in the toaster oven under the broiler setting – the cheesy topping gets all nice and crispy.

2.18 039

I picked up a big package of blackberries at Sam’s Club.  It’s usually hit or miss with them, but this time a BIG hit – so juicy and sweet.

I had plans on swimming.  Um, Day 1 of T-25?  I woke up sore yesterday – I haven’t felt that kind of sore since I started doing Insanity last June!  The pool always stretches me out.  Only one tiny problem.  I can’t find my goggles.  I usually have the same small bag I carry into the pool that has my goggles, shampoo, etc. so I can go right from the pool to the showers.   So it was plan B.  I still swam, but I used the floaty board.  One length of the pool I held the board to my chest, was on my back and just used my legs to get to the other side.  Then on the way back, I sat on the board, held my legs straight out, and only used my arms to get to the other side.  Of course the arms length took me twice as long, but it was a good workout!  I tried to explain to my sister what I was doing, when I found this picture – it’s called the Water Taxi – who knew?!


On the water taxi part, I could totally feel my core working to try to keep the board from popping out of the water.  Of course, that’s exactly what I look like in the water, except my bikini is blue. Open-mouthed smile

When I got back in the car to go back to the office, my car registered 51 degrees! 

2.18 003

How you can go from six inches of thunder snow one day, to 51 degrees the next day is still beyond my comprehension.

I ended up heating up another one of my sourdough slices of pizza, with more blackberries and cantaloupe and cucumbers with a tablespoon of light ranch with hot sauce.  So delish!

2.18 042

Later in the afternoon I had my Chobani – new flavor to me and it might be my new favorite – apricot!  Still have yet to find the coconut one!

2.18 002

My step-son snap chatted me this yesterday – cracks me up!

2.18 008

And then this – just loves rubbing it in!

2.18 009

It was a smooth drive home – the streets are all plowed and cleared by now so I made it home in 30 minutes – nice!

2.18 011

I ended up making salisbury steak for dinner.  However, we bought this meat at Woodman’s and it wasn’t very flavorful at all – even with the brown gravy – I think we’ll stick to produce when we go back there.  I usually used mashed potatoes, but I had a baked potato in the fridge and just pan fried that up with some zucchini.

2.18 053

I ate dinner before I did Day 2 of T-25 – so I waited about 90 minutes after eating and it worked out just fine.  A couple salisbury steak farts here and there, but it was just me in the back room – no big!

2.18 020

Wow.  This was no joke.  It was called Speed 1.0 and it was super fast paced.  I am happy to report that I was able to finish 90% of it.   Check out this transformation video!!

Alright – I have to get going – I’ve been busy this morning!  I made a batch of cranberry banana muffins to bring to a co-worker tonight at the restaurant and one batch for the office.  Gotta get this show on the road – so happy it’s 33 degrees!  Make it a great day!!