Yesterday morning I woke up at 5:15 in the morning.  I was soaking with sweat which meant only one thing – my blood sugar was low.  Know what sucks about that?  Literally dripping with sweat inside a toasty bedroom to walk into a cold kitchen to check my blood sugar.  Yup.  It was 51.  No idea why.  It was 119 before bed, and usually when I take my long lasting insulin at bedtime, whatever the number is before bed is usually what it is in the morning.  I ate a balance bar, read some news online, then 15 minutes later felt better to go back to bed. 

Tony and I were going to switch cars because my oil needs to be changed.  We have a long driveway so I needed to pull my car out, pull his out, then pull mine in again so I could take his car to work.  Only one tiny problem . . . the battery was dead in Tony’s car.  It wasn’t budging.  So I ended up just taking my car to work.

Those balance bars are so filling, I didn’t really want to eat breakfast, but around 10 I ate an apple and cinnamon Chobani and a slice of Swiss cheese.  I didn’t take any insulin at all because I wanted to work out at lunch.

low blood 012

I was totally prepared to have my blood sugar be around 200, so I was shocked when it got time to work out that it was only 125.  Not enough to work out.  So I did the next best thing – went to Goodwill!  I actually didn’t buy anything, but I did see some cute snowmen.

low blood 015

low blood 017

low blood 019

I also stopped by Mariano’s to buy some tortilla chips for dipping into my chili.  Um, apparently there is no shortage of Sriracha in my neck of the woods!

low blood 021

When I got back to my office, Tony called and he was able to start the car – we think maybe the door was left slightly open over the weekend, and by me shutting the door it charged up enough for him to take it to the dealership.  We have a 100,000 bumper to bumper warranty, so he was able to get the tires rotated, oil changed AND demanded a free new battery – all for $40.  Nice!  He had to reschedule his blood appointment, so I’ll put the chili in the freezer for him to take to the clinic next week.

Then I heated up my buffalo chicken chili – I keep measuring cups at work, because otherwise my one cup of chili could easily turn into two! 

low blood 001

low blood 004

Yesterday I had to sit back and marvel at technology.  I’ve said it before that my sister and I were thrilled when we got an extension phone line in our bedroom.  We thought we were hot shit!  So here I give you another edition of Texting with Family!

First up Hannah!

low blood 024

Then my step-son Joe – he first sent me a snap chat of their dog Taquito – I love that dog, even though I’ve never met him yet – I love his face!

low blood 025

Then he made this Brazilian cheese bread:

low blood 026

And as I was leaving yesterday morning, I saw there was a dead animal at the end of our drive.  Looked like a squirrel maybe but I walked right by it so Tony could take a look.  I was worried it would by Lyle or Kyle!  Nope, it ended up being half a bunny.  Yes, I said half a bunny.  I have no idea where the head was, but his bunny feet were frozen solid.

low blood 028

And while you all know I love to cook, some nights it’s easy just to make something simple.  Last night I made ham and swiss cheese sammies on pretzel rolls.  Just assembled them and put them in our convection toaster oven until all melty.  While the pretzel bread wasn’t all that pretzel tasting, they were good.  Some chips on the side and fickle pickles, easy and delish.

low blood 034

So let’s hope my blood sugar cooperates today!  I have to tell you I am really looking forward to my 30 day T-25 challenge starting next week.  It will finish up the week before my 46th birthday!  I want to start off my year on the right foot and continue on.  It’s still my goal to get down to 145 by June 1 – which would be 31 pounds lost in a year.  I know I can do it – just have to keep moving and not just think what I am going to do, just do it!

So happy that Tony and I are going to have a date night tonight!  We have pre-paid tickets to iPic theaters and we are going to see the Lego movie.  We are also going to Wok n Fire for dinner – hooray for date nights!

Alright, time to switch the cars again – I hope I don’t see the half bunny in the driveway!  Make it a great day!