I was half way to work when I realized that I brought stuff to make an egg white McMuffin for breakfast and remembered that the microwave still hasn’t been replaced yet.  I thought maybe I could bake egg whites in the toaster oven, but thought it might take too long, and I really wasn’t sure it would work out.  Plan B.  Subway breakfast sandwich – egg white, ham, cheese, veggies, CREAMY SRIRACHA SAUCE, on a flat bread.  This sammie comes in at 390 and was quite filling.

frid27 002

And because the microwave is still broken, my boss thought it would be a good idea to order pizza for lunch.  Not just any pizza, but a Chicago style deep dish pizza with sausage and baby spinach.

frid27 010

I used to never like deep dish pizza because the tomato sauce on top was too chunky for me back in my picky eating days.  Not anymore!  The crust is buttery, the sauce is tangy and it’s just a damn fine pizza.

frid27 006

The calories on this varies – I ate that piece above, and then half of that piece – my guestimate is it was 650 calories.   I was on call at work so I called at 2:00 p.m.  The whole time the phone was ringing before the restaurant picked up was “thanks anyway Biz, but we don’t need you tonight.”  Um, no such luck.  I had to break the news to Tony.  I think he was okay with it – that meant he could watch his MMA in peace! Open-mouthed smile

As it turned out, my last table was a no show, but I was okay with that – I got out at 9:45 – home by 10:30 with $110 in my pocket – not too bad!   I had a cup of soup for dinner and when I got home I had a small plate of tortilla chips and salsa, and my new favorite beer – Sam Adams Cold Snap.

frid27 014

It’s light, has some hints of ginger I think – just a nice refreshing beer.

Stats for the Day:

  • 1448 calories, 154 carbs, 64 fat, 74 protein and 20 fiber
  • no exercise (other than walking around the restaurant for 4 + hours)
  • average blood sugar 133

Question of the Day:  Love or hate deep dish pizza?  If you don’t live anywhere near where you can order a deep dish pizza – try making it at home.  It’s not as complicated as you think, even if these instructions seem long! 


Have a great weekend!  Off to fix breakfast for Tony and I – hash browns, steak and eggs. #winning!