I was happy to see that we only got four inches of snow the night before last.  What I didn’t expect was that it would take me nearly 90 minutes to drive the 15 mile drive to work.  Some roads were fine and I could drive at nearly the speed limit, and then all of a sudden the roads were covered in slush and cars were flying into ditches on the side of the road.

wrong 001

I texted my peeps and told them I was on my way in, it would just be a while.  One of my bosses called and said that the heat wasn’t working right on one side of our office and to handle it first thing.  Another boss texted me to say she was freezing and I needed to fix the situation immediately.  Duh.   I walk in, call the landlords and within 15 minutes the furnace seems to be working – crisis averted!  Oh wait, nope – two of the phones in the office aren’t working, so I spend another 20 minutes with our phone provider – in the meantime my one boss reminded me about every 10 minutes that her phone was still not working.

Next up?  Two of the stalls in the women’s bathrooms are leaking every time you flush the toilet.  Lovely!  I call the landlords and they have a plumber coming in the afternoon.  By the time I heated up my breakfast, it was nearly 10:00 a.m.!  Breakfast nachos!  Thumbs up

wrong 003

So filling and delicious – that plate comes in at 345 calories and 27 grams of protein – nice!

Then just when I thought the rest of the day was going to go alright, the microwave at our office finally died.  They are replacing it, but not until next week, so until then I have to either fix sandwiches or something that can be put in the toaster oven.   Most of us brought food that had to be heated in the microwave, so we all decided to order Chinese food from across the street – best decision ever!  I ordered the small wonton soup – 2 wontons and broth.  Not to worry – no green onions were digested by me at any moment during lunch.  Whew!

wrong 004

I ended up adding some sriracha to the broth – that kicked it up nicely.

wrong 006

My main dish was the schezuan green beans.  I didn’t eat the fried race and gave it away to one of the attorneys who didn’t read the memo that the microwave was broken.  It was chock full of onions!

wrong 005

With so many work distractions, I never made it to the gym.  When it was time to drive home, the roads were pretty well plowed, but for some reason it still took me 50 minutes to get home.

I was going to make a healthier version of this bay scallop dish for dinner, but Tony wasn’t feeling that great, so it was Biz food!  Spicy pork and noodle soup!   I heated up one cup of chicken broth, and soaked my yaki soba noodles while I put the rest of the soup together.  This package comes in three individually wrapped noodle pouches – fully cooked, you just have to heat them up.  Each package is 150 calories.

wrong 008

While the noodles were soaking, I heated up 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil in my wok.  I added one small zucchini and water chestnuts and cooked those for a minute or two.  Next, I added the chicken broth and noodles to the wok, then added 1/3 cup of light coconut milk, 1 tablespoon of sambal oelek, and 3 ounces of this super thin pork.  I got this from the Japanese grocery store near my diabetes doctor.  I bought it to make Nicole’s Sweet and Spicy pork with noodles, but never got around to making it so I pulled this out of the freezer.  It’s so thin it thawed pretty quickly in the broth.  Then I finished it off with some chopped red cabbage for some texture.  So flippin good.  Although when I walked into the living room to eat, he said “that smells like shit!”  I told him it smelled and tasted delicious!

wrong 007

wrong 011

This was the perfect soup to have on a cold night.   I love my photo styling with this picture – I think it really elevates a dish if you have a bottle of Windex multi-surface cleaner in the background.

Speaking of cold, we are back below zero again.  Seems the pattern of late – snow/bitter cold/snow/bitter cold.  My count down has already begun to daylight savings – March 9th!  Maybe by then I won’t see snow on the ground?

I may just hit up the salad bar at Mariano’s for my lunch today – don’t need to heat that up and I think my body could use some vegetables!  My boss has a brief due today, so today will be crazy but I still hope to make it to the gym at some point.  Wish me luck – and hopefully not too many things will go wrong today!

Stats for the Day:

  • 1337 calories, 31 fat, 173 carbs, 67 protein, 9 fiber
  • 56% of calories from carbs, 22% from fat and 21% from protein
  • average blood sugar 109
  • no exercise

And I am off!  Question of the Day:  If you could cook just for yourself, what cuisine would it be?  I’d have to choose ethnic food – like Indian, Thai, Mexican . . . and of course PIZZA!