Alright people.  It took every once of my being yesterday to get to the gym yesterday morning before work.  Want to know why?

just cold 024

It was cold.  Like really cold.  Like –20 degrees wind chill cold.  I warmed up my car for a good 10 minutes before getting in it, but it was still a chilly ride to the gym.  I got there a bit later than I wanted to, about 7:20.  Weirdly, there was only one other person there besides me!  After looking at my strength training exercise program, I decided it was a bit too easy – and the Kris Gethin one is too hard, so I am back at Week 1 Day 1 of Jamie Eason’s 12 week strength program.   Yesterday was chest and triceps.  I started out with a half mile walk to warm up.

just cold 026

The strength portion took me 20 minutes, then I finished off with a 1.5 mile hill walk – 3.8 mph at 8% incline.

just cold 032

After only working out twice last week, it’s amazing how out of shape I felt.  But, I just have to make the effort if I want to see results.

just cold 028

I had a Balance Bar and a cup of coffee as my pre-workout fuel.  Breakfast – shocker!!  Egg white breakfast tacos! And some amazing pineapple my Mom and I got at Mariano’s last week.  So good!

just cold 004

Before I knew it, it was time to head back to the gym – to swim!  OMG, the pool room and pool are so warm – it’s amazing.  Just the walk back to the locker room sucks ass.  Most of the schools were closed yesterday and today because of weather, so there were kids swimming in the next lane.  Obviously they belong to a swim club, because they were really great swimmers.  The girls looked to be around 12 or 13?   It was as if they were floating on top of the water they were so fluid and fast.  Made me a bit jealous that I am not a better swimmer.

just cold 036

When I got back to the office, my office supplies were delivered.  Every time I order more than $100 worth of products, we get a free bag of Matt’s cookies.  If you have not had a Matt’s cookie, you are missing out – they are so soft and delicious.  The oatmeal cranberry is my favorite, but the chocolate chips are a close second.  But with two workouts under my belt for the day, I just walked away.  NSV!!

just cold 034

And over the weekend I made batch #57 of lasagna soup!  This time with bow tie pasta.   If you make a pot of this, cook the pasta separately.  I added both the raw spinach and cooked pasta to the soup right before heating up for 3 minutes.  Perfect!

just cold 006

I had my meal plan all written out, and conveniently threw it out while I was cleaning up yesterday.  I knew I had ground beef, so I ended up making burgers.  On the side I thought I’d try to make tempura zucchini fries.  Um, no – these tasted like ass – like baby puke covered in tempura batter.  I guess I needed the strength of bread crumbs to not cook the inside to shit?

just cold 023

But the fried jalapenos were amazeballs!  And then I added hot sauce to the burger and Tony said “you are putting hot sauce ON TOP of your jalapenos?” To which I said “don’t worry about it, it’s not your burger!”

I logged all my food, but for some reason my spark people log in isn’t working and the password is on my home computer – I’ll update my stats later today.


  • 1432 calories, 43 fat, 175 carbs, 69 protein, 12 fiber
  • 51% of calories from carbs, 28% from fat and and 20% from protein
  • 35 minute cardio before and after strength
  • 20 minutes of chest and triceps
  • 30 minute swim at lunch
  • NO WINE!

And here I am about to leave for the gym, Week 1 Day 2 – back and biceps.  Right now the air temperature is . . . .- 14!   And with the wind chill feels like –30.  If I wanted to live in Alaska, I would have moved there! I AM SO DONE WITH WINTER!

Make it a great day!