It was the last day of my quiche and pork chops!  I am actually surprised that I still looked forward to it, even if I did have the same breakfast four days in a row!  I did add some grapefruit that my parents-in-law sent me for Christmas.  So good.  Nothing like Florida citrus!

pissed 013

Before I knew it, it was time to hit up the gym.  The gym I belong to is a Tennis Club, so there is a boutique off the main entrance where you can buy tennis outfits, running bras, tennis rackets, etc.  I looked through the racks once when I first joined –um, did you know that some tennis outfits can cost a couple hundred bucks?!

But when I walked in, they had a rack that said “2013 Closeout.”  I really need a new bathing suit.  I’ve warn (and put in the dryer – oops!) my old one for years.  It’s getting really thin and it really stretches out once I get in the water.  So I started looking through the racks – even some of the bathing suits on discount were $50-$80.  But then I saw this bathing suit.

pissed 004

This is a Speedo endurance suit – originally $74.  You can’t really tell, but its blue and that’s my favorite color.  Better yet?  I didn’t see the sign that said “50% off lowest price.”  Yep, I got that suit for $18.50 – and with tax just under $20!!  Score!  And guess what? It fits perfectly.  I could barely tell I was wearing a bathing suit while swimming!  I do have a question though.  When looking for cheaper bathing suits online, I found a lot of references for “practice suits.”  I found some other Speedo bathing suits for under $25 – what the hell is a practice swim suit?  Can you tell I am not a swimmer?!  And guess what?  I had the whole pool to myself!  I am happy that the lifeguard doesn’t sit on the chair anymore when I swim, she sits in her office now.  I think she’s confident by now I won’t drown!

pissed 005

When I got back from the pool, I heated up my lunch.  Remember that big pot of roasted vegetable marinara I made over the weekend?

sunday 1.5 015

snowblow 008

Vegetable Marinara

  • 4 tomatoes
  • 2 green peppers
  • 3 carrots
  • 5 cloves garlic

Roast the vegetables for an hour at 325.  Once a bit cooled, put in a pot with two cans of crushed tomatoes (look for no sugar added – I had to buy organic to get just tomatoes) and add Italian seasoning and crushed red pepper.  Using an immersion blender, blend until the vegetables are pureed.  I used this sauce on my spaghetti squash pizza, and then yesterday for lunch.

I mixed 1 cup cooked spaghetti squash, with 1 cup cooked butternut squash.  I added 3 ounces of sliced cooked Italian sausage, and 1 cup of baby spinach and heated it all up with about 3/4 cup of the vegetable marinara.

pissed 019

This was a lot of food!  While my co-worker and I loved the flavor – the texture was a bit off putting.  Blog reader Peggy suggested I make Zoodles next time – zucchini noodles!


That being said, we both ate everything – the perfect bite was when you got a little bit of everything on the fork.  All tallied up, this whole bowl was only 277 calories, and 176% of vitamin A and 50% of vitamin C for the day!

I haven’t done a full grocery shop yet this week.  When I went shopping last Saturday, I had no idea how much longer Tony was going to be in the hospital.  I knew I had some chicken breasts that needed to be cooked up.  Poor Tony had a taste for an apple, and I have absolutely zero fruit at home – well, except for oranges and grapefruit, but he’s not a fan.

When I said “not sure exactly what I am going to make for dinner” Tony said “it’s because you didn’t buy any groceries” or words to that effect.  I am sure he was kidding, but I could feel my blood sugar dropping and that comment didn’t sit well with me –  I was thinking “between working and going to the hospital before and after work, not sure I would have found time to grocery shop.”  I need a plan when I shop, otherwise I just throw stuff in the cart, get home and think “now what am I going to make with this stuff?”

He suggested pasta, so I cooked up the chicken breast, made angel hair pasta and added baby spinach to mine.  I brought the food to him, and started eating – I was hungry, pissed and not that pleasant to sit next to.  It takes about 15 minutes after I eat to come back around to my normal self.  And to make matters worse, I bit my lip for like the 10th time and I just tossed my plate to the side and said “why do I even bother to eat??!!”

It was a culmination of emotions, from Tony being in the hospital and getting different opinions every other day, the stupid cold weather, the snow, I felt like I was going to lose it.  BUT, happy to say that before long, I was back to my happy self.  I had a busy afternoon and only have 277 calories after swimming for 40 minutes probably wasn’t the best idea!  I plan on bringing snacks to work this afternoon!

pissed 022

Happy Friday!  I am working a double today – I haven’t worked at the restaurant since New Years Eve – they probably forgot what I looked like!  Off to iron my shirt and get my food together for the day – make it a great day!